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Wheel friction. Should this be a priority?

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This is just a simple example, but basically I'm on the runway, I turn the brakes on and then physics time warp. This really highlights two problems, one that gravity or weight or something clearly increases with physics warp, and two that wheels have negligible friction at best. Because of this there are problems with simple operations like using your brakes or accelerating on bodies with low gravity. You'd think your rover would behave nicely on the Mun? Think again, you can barely get the thing to move if it isn't going downhill. And if you ARE going downhill, good luck coming to a stop. Obviously this isn't a problem SOLELY to do with wheels, if your ship isn't exploding, it can pretty much slide forever if it doesn't hit an upwards slope. But it's something you'd think wheels would do right.

It's pretty well known that the wheels in KSP suck. I can only wager a guess as to the true cause, perhaps the wheel colliders in Unity are garbage, but this sort of behavior has long been a nuisance. Now that we've gotten to 1.0 is there anyone else who would like to see a concerted effort to improve wheels? This isn't just landing gear either, motorized wheels suffer from a lack of friction with the ground as well, you can do things like engage the brakes and do 360's with SAS on the Mun, and because of this, rovers are near useless on any body outside of Kerbin. With the addition a many new landing gears, it's obvious wheels have finally gotten some love in terms of diversity, now we just need some love in terms of functionality.
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while I admit that alot of my issue is trying to drive too fast, the wheels really do tend to slide, and never really 'dig' in to terrain, like you might expect on a sandy dune.

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