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Contract in Contracts-list staying open/closed

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You all know the in-game contracts-list. It displays the contracts you accepted in your little 'marketing-hut' (or whatever it was called again) and it allows you to fold up / unfold every single contract when you click its title.

Today I had the idea to sort my contracts by using this list, folding up every contract my current vehicle couldnt do - that involved mostly "test ... on escape-trajectory" for example. I quickly realised that this list doesnt save its states. Everytime you re-open your list, every single contract is also open again.

You guessed it: Im suggesting to make the list remember which contracts were open, which were closed. On top of that I could imagine being able to click on single sub-requirements, like "...on escape-trajectory" to highlight and possibly auto-foldup any contract containing a similar line. In example: I know I wont be able to reach an escape-trajectory from kerbin, so clicking on the line of contract XY stating that requirement closes this contract and any other contract requiring me to reach escape-velocity.

Another small sidenote - Contracts in the line of "test part XY" should show a thumbnail and/or more details about the part in question. I took a contract asking me to test the huge "twin-boar"-liquid boosters on an escape-trajectory away from kerbin - at that time I barely had researched my third node.

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