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Where is YOUR Valentina Kerman?

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Mine is currently piloting a tug around Mun assisting 6 others in assembling the latest space station design for refueling and conversion of resources called the KSS Shooting Star I 


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In my many installs:

  • 1.11.2 stock(ish):  On Kerbin, getting ready to fly up to the Endurance in LKO, on a Ranger. Doing this using the great Interstellar Endurance mod
  • In 2.5 scale 1.8.1: On Kerbin, Waiting for Zvezda to launch, then going to help put together the PMA-3 and Z,1 Truss
  • In RSS/RO 1.6.1 (for starship): On Kerbin, doing nothing
  • In my mod testing save: Just flew on an Ares 1/Orion test flight, using reDIRECT, Photon Corp, and the Konstellation Program
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