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Fuel Flow Logic Revamp: Fuel Balancer part.

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I made a post in reply to another thread on this subject, and thought it belonged here. This would be a good way for stock KSP to handle fuel flow without having too many problematic side effects:

Hmmm, I would suggest a fourth option: treat jet fuel like rocket fuel, however, include a fuel balancer part. Quite simply, a part that, when active, automatically transfers fuel between all tanks which are directly connected via crossfeed to the balancer. That way, you can choose the behavior which best suits your design, be it for balanced weight distribution, drop tanks, etc... tank segments separated by non-crossfeed parts or decouplers would need to have their own balancer. Balancers would be able to manage/reverse the flow of fuel lines when active. As a bonus, we could apply the same logic to xenon and regular rocket fuel. One or two balancer parts could have balancing turned off/on for different fuel types, allowing the default behavior for all fuels to be the same.

Except monopropellant. That should still ignore crossfeed rules for the most part, but maybe still only draw from the active stage?

Shouldn't this really belong on the suggestion forum?

[with regards to toggling on/off fuel flow] Fuel tanks and other crossfeed parts should be controllable via action groups.

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