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[1.3.x] MusicMute 1.1.3

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MusicMute is an addon that lets you mute and unmute KSP's music, using a user-configurable hotkey.




By default, you can mute music in-game at any time by pressing F8.

This key can be configured by editing the Settings.cfg file found in GameData\MusicMute\Config.

You can change the toggle key, as well as configure a modifier key that has to be pressed at the same time, like LeftAlt, LeftControl or whatever you want.

For the full list of keys you can use, see Unity Script Reference.

You can now also choose wether you want to start the game with muted music or not. Set the value of the startMuted key to either true or false to use feature.


You can easily install this addon by unzipping the contents of the supplied GameData folder into the GameData folder that is inside your KSP installation directory.

This is usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData".

Source code

You'll find the source code of this addon in the "Source" folder.

I hope someone in this universe, other than me, will find this useful. By the way, I really hate all this licensing stuff.

Oh, and I'm open to criticism and all that good stuff. This is my first add-on for KSP, so please be gentle. Actually I don't think I have to ask, since you are all such nice people around here :)

What are you still doing here! Go play KSP!

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Updated title for 1.3.x
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Love it.

Saves me having to close KSP to quickly accept a incoming skype call (and then waiting a couple of mins for the game to load again after the call is finished)



Hooray! Someone else find it useful! I personally use it when I want to play my own music while playing KSP. I also have a global hotkey on my keyboard that plays music from my library in foobar2000, which works great.

Let me know if you find anything that could use improvement!

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Not to be that guy, but why not go into the setting and mute the music when you need to (without having to close KSP or even switch scenes)? I can imagine there might be some use for a one press mute key though. Very nice!

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I am installing this right now because I find the KSC music annoying as anything, but I like the in-space music. I usually just leave music off to avoid the annoyance, but now I can have the best of both worlds! Thanks, spioner!

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I really just made this for fun, it is my first KSP add-on after all. But it does come in useful when I want to listen to my own music quickly without adjusting that damn slider each and every time.

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Idea: With the mute functionality in place, how about a user-defined altitude for mute/unmute? At the moment the music starts rather abruptly at a hardcoded 70km. That is meant to be the transition between atmo and space. But many people play on non-stocked sized kerbins with different atmospheres.

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