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Texturing questions with Interstellar Fuel Switch

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Hello. I am new to modding, and this is my first mod, just for fun. I am taking stock parts (starting with the MK2) series, retexturting them, and adding an ablator and increased heat resistance.

I had been copying the files from GameData/Squad to my own folder (NBI) and redoing the configs. During this I discovered that I can not rename the texture file or it will not show up in game. From what I understand it is because the texture is baked into the .mu file.

The problem now is, that I am trying to switch over to Interstellar Fuel Switch so that instead of all these extra models, etc, I can just have config files and textures. I was looking at how Near Future Construction does it and tried copying that, but it still will not work.

Here's the code I am using.

name = InterstellarMeshSwitch
moduleID = 0
objectDisplayNames = Structural; Service Module; Liquid Fuel; LFO Tank
objects = Tank; Tank,SupportTank; Tank,LiquidFuelTank; Tank,LFOTank
affectColliders = false
hasGUI = false
useFuelSwitchModule = true
fuelTankSetups = 0; 1; 2; 3

//I can't find the documentation for this module. I had to look at the *.cs source file to even find the fields available.
// {
// name = InterstellarTextureSwitch
// moduleID = 0
// selectedTexture = 0
// selectedTextureURL = Napkinback/Parts/fuel_sr71ServiceModule/mk2FuselageShort
// }

name = InterstellarFuelSwitch
moduleID = 0
resourceNames = Ablator;MonoPropellant,ElectricCharge;LiquidFuel;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer
resourceAmounts = 500;200,600;400;220,180
basePartMass = 0.40
tankMass = 0.05;0.60;1.25;1.50
tankCost = 100;600;500;500
displayCurrentTankCost = true
hasGUI = false

I was just trying to set up 4 very basic tanks. I wanted each tank to have its own unique texture. But I can't figure out what and where to name and put the additional textures.

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