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What are your PC specs?

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AMD 4-Core A8-4500M APU 1.90 gHz

6.00 GB Samsung Ram

256 GB SSD that's got about 25 GB left

Windows 7

I'm very happy with this old girl. She might not be pretty or new, and she sure isn't one of the sleek, fancy Linux machines that most KSP players aspire to, but I love her.

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FX-4100 @3.6 gHz (next in line to get upgraded: gonna go for a FX-8350 in a week or two)

12 gB RAM (recently upgraded from 4 gigs)

Radeon R9 270 (semi-recently upgraded from an HD6850)

500gB HDD

Since I upgraded the RAM yesterday, it now runs GTA5 like a champ. I'm thinking with a new processor in a few weeks, it'll run even better. :D


Upgrade list:

FX-8350 processor

SSD (any size)

HDD (500+ gB)

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ASUS K53U laptop:

CPU: AMD E-450, dual core 1.65 GHz

RAM: 3 GB DDR3 (400 MB reserved for GPU)

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6320

HDD: 5400 RPM 360 GB

OS: Win 7 32-bit

I cannot for the life of me see how this information might be useful to you, but here you go

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I currently have a (essentially unused) desktop with a 4690k and GTX 960. My laptop, for which...personal reasons...is where I've been doing most of my gaming for a while has a 3210M, 4GB RAM, and some Intel HD integrated graphics :/.

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Its enough to run KSP on max. Too new to the game to know if this will lag with lots of ship/station parts : p

Intel Core i7 4820k 3.7Ghz 10mb cache

8GB Ram

EVGA GeForce GTX470

2 256 Gig Solid State Samsung hard drives

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard from Logitec

Asus 24inch 144mhz Gaming Monitor (1920x1080)

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Planning on doing some upgrades to the graphics card and the CPU soon, to run GTA V.

Intel Core i3-3240 3.4GHz


AMD Radeon 6670 2GB


From my experience getting GTA 5 running on my machine, it looks like you're mostly there :)

Looks like your RAM is fine (usually my RAM usage goes up to 6 gB (out of 12) or so while playing), maybe upgrade to 12 gig if it lags while moving quickly. When I tried running it on 4 gigs, it would be fine til I got to the city, where it would have to load new assets and such... which lagged out my poor RAM. With 12 gigs, it runs almost flawlessly.

Not sure about your CPU: I use an AMD FX-4100 3.6 gHz and it seems to run pretty well.

As for graphics cad, just make sure whatever you get has AT LEAST 2gB on-board memory. If you get one with 4 gigs, you can run all textures at full (so long as the rest of the system can keep up). Below 2 gigs of on-board, and it won't be able to handle it (at least not in 1920 x 1080... haven't tried with lower resolutions)

Only issue I've had personally is my CPU (or mobo, potentially) getting a little hot and starting to drop the framerate... quitting the game for a few minutes to let it cool off seems to help though.

Good luck!

Uh, HD 6670 users unite? k_cheesy.gif

I'm looking at a R9 280-290

Heh, I had a HD 6850 and upgraded to an R9 270... a decent upgrade :) Wish I had had the cash to get an R9 290... that'll be next year, I think.

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