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[1.0.2] Land Speed Record!

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He is one of my friends and he told me they were from seperate flights.

- - - Updated - - -

PCanus, whis name ive only just understood, and burnoutforzai on the leaderboard.

It's actually PCanAs. It's the initial of my first name and my last name ;)

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My chutes are not deploying instantly, like this last video, they slowly deploy, wich means if I try hard mode I'd have to stage the shutes at about halfway the runway. I'm using KSP v1.0.2. Is it normal or is there some problem? I noticed there are two timers in the description of the chutes, is that it?

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Part Clipping? I found last time I did this, part clipping made it a little too easy.

Edit: I see the OP states no F12 menu.

- - - Updated - - -

It was actually a load of srbs clipped everywhere.

Doesn't Part Clipping require the F12 menu?

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Looks like the OP is a bit busy, so here's my leader board compilation.

Hard Mode

  1. juzeris 714
  2. burnoutforzai 674
  3. Soda Popinski 628
  4. Quantumatt 622
  5. kludermor 512
  6. Sokol 56 483
  7. Quantumatt 343
  8. Kelderek 320

Easy mode

  1. PCanas 962
  2. PCanas 871
  3. WOLVSAid 558
  4. BSA 509
  5. ghostbuzzer7 495

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I know this is an old post, but I just found this challenge and wanted to enter with my jet car. I miss more record braking challenges in KSP.


Standing on Runway ready for start


Jet engines warming up with brakes on (This image is not from the same run. Just showing the engine warm up procedure)


End of runway. All is intact and Jeb is looking Jebish.

kKl7sQP.pngTop speed at 512m/s and 10.4 G

I wanted this jet car to have wheels and be stable all the time.

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This is not for 1.1 but I don't think new challenge is necessary. We can just continue this one.


So... I have a new top entry for the Hard division. 728m/s :D

Here it is:

Instructions on how to drive it are on the description texts of the pictures.


That took a c**pload of sepratrons carefully placed to different radii and many test "flights" to optimize accelerating and braking distances

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