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Most Adorable KSP glitch ever? - Tiny Parachutes!


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So I was coming back from a successful mun trip and upon separating my last stage (so only the Pod and Heat shield were left) I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that I had no parachutes!

1000 hrs of gameplay, countless successful missions and I forgot parachutes on my final stage!?!? NO WAY! A glance to the staging on the left shows my three parachutes are in fact there.. so now I'm confused.

So I stage anyway and get ready for my impending doom. But lo and behold, at 500m, my craft slows to 7m/s!! :confused:

So I zoom in to look at the craft and try to figure out what happened and got this beautiful site!!



That landing though! :wink:


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Yeah, I do have tweakscale, i'm wondering if it's a glitch within tweakscale.. seems likely! But it definitely wasn't intentionally done!

And yeah, Tiny rover chutes would be amazing, especially for Duna or something!

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I might have to check out Tweakscale because I think it would be fun to make "model" rockets in KSP. I'd love to have parts on the scale of the Seperatron.

Check out RoverDude's Sounding Rockets mod:


multiple tiny rockets including 3 boosters and a liquid fueled.

Four science experiemnts to put on them, along with a small battery, parachute and some other 'toys'

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It's just how the parachutes work. You can find a tiny chute model before they're even deployed, I believe. The model is scaled up upon deployment. In this case, it looks like it just didn't animate.

Really? I like that inside every parachute container is a tiny, shrunken parachute.

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