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Surveys didn't work after 1.0.x


Good Night everyone, I'm having this issue in the game.

I've begun a game on .9 version with a lot of mods and I was a little to far on this campaign when the game reach the release version.

So I waited for the mods to update for version 1.0.2 and put the save on all update game. So far not a problem but when I tried to complete a survey nothing happened!!!

I tried to take out all mods and complete just the surveys but also didn't work.

look at this screen:


Another thing that I realise was that the number on top right screen (the one wich looks like a wi fi simbol) didn't change anymore, always keep on zero. All others contracts works normal!

My Mods:


Thanks Guys

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After a lot o time testing, I realise that Tarsier Space Tech was the problem, but 1 have 2 vessels with 10 kerbals inside with Chem Cam, how do I remove only this part from current Save Game?

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