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[1.8.X] Orbital Survey Plus v2.3.6

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Tested and confirmed working for latest version of KSP (1.7.X).

I attempted to investigate and fix the slider issue with the tweakable "scan autocomplete" parameter in the settings menu, but apparently it's been a bug in KSP since 1.2.2. If someone knows better, please correct me. I do have a fix in mind that I could implement, but it would probably break current saves in at least a small way. It seems like a very tiny issue and it has a workaround so I'll leave it be for now.

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On 6/23/2019 at 9:30 PM, jpinard said:

Dumb question here.  How does this differ from the scansat mod?

Not a dumb question.

OSP is lighter and more basic. No new parts, it simply hijacks the stock resource overlay system and changes the way the M700 works. It also adds a biome overlay toggle.

SCANsat adds a plethora of features like different kinds of scans and parts to go along with them (altimetry, biome, anomaly detection, etc.), cool map projections, more complex scanning mechanics (optimal distance for different scanners, fields of view, etc.), and probably other stuff I'm forgetting or don't know about. I believe it's more loosely coupled with the stock insta-scan system and can either co-exist with it or suppress it.

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well...the thread is inactive for quite a while, and the post just above me was the last of the mod author. But, since worse that can happen is me confirming that no support is available, I will ask anyway.

The option to display biome overlay is not showing up in map view,  everything else seems to be fine. Any chance there is someone around with a solution for that issue?

I thing is unlike that I learn enough coding to even start understand what all those strings and variables are supposed to do,  regardless of how much I like they doing its thing, so thank is advance for anyone with that skill spending  his time looking at it.

BTW, I'm aware of ScanSat, but I fell just like Kottabos describes in the review: instant scan of a whole planet seems weird but the extra complexity is more than I care for, this mod feels just right. 

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Posted (edited)

@Spricigo I try to check this thread periodically, although I guess it took me a month to notice your comment. Sorry about that.

The option to view the biome overlay won't show up unless you have scanned at least a little bit of the planet, or the option for "biome overlay does not require scan" is checked. If one of those things is true and you still don't see it, then it may be a bug and let me know.

Edit: Also make sure you have the planet focused in the map view, not the ship. I chose to have OSP follow the same rules as the stock overlay buttons, in that they won't show up unless you focus the actual planet.

Also, I believe I have only tested OSP up to 1.8, so there is a small chance that any newer versions of KSP have introduced a bug. It's probably about time for me to test in newer versions, I've just been hanging around in 1.8 for my own current playthrough so I haven't gotten around to it.

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