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[minor] Service bay, ladder, colliders weirdness (may be related to offset value ?)


(current mod: KAC, Enginneer, Mechjeb)



it could happen while grapping the ladder (mostly depending of the angle and altitude of caracter) that the kerbal is tp inside the service bay through the collider, it could end free or stuck between the material bay and service bay structure, sometime causing dmg per proximity to other colliders inside the service bay. A stuck kerbal can also by luck be unstucked by another kerbal grabbing the ladder and going in to and will eject the previous one ending himself free or stuck it depend.

Mostly might be related to offset value, collider and ladders properties within 3dtools&unity => may be see if a few adjustements can be made around the ladders grabbing method regarding this kind of colliders conflicts occurences ?)

Craft file (google drive)

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