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Mk3 Expansion - [KSP 1.12x] Version 1.6 [10/5/21]


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I have an idea for the mk 3 cupola rotate the seats 90 degrees so my kerbals aren't flying my ship on their backs  also reduce the thickness of the metal parts on the window so we can see more from inside my suggestion would make ufo designs easier you could keep the version you have and make a spaceplane version it is a cool idea also that would mean less space wasted so with a ship that has the the mk 3(spaceplane variant) cupola at the top as the pod the kerbals would be sitting like you are in the chair you are sitting in right now instead of on their backs also the modification/new part idea I gave would increase the crew capacity to like 5 kerbals

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About the landing Legs:

I loved the cencept, the model on the right is very promising and realistic, great for a front model, but for the rear it would need to be a little more robust and comfortable both on the underside of the ships and on the side, preferably not exclusive MK2, Mk1 or MK3 Suggestion:

 Good job, I'm your concept fan.


Suggestion: A robust third model for large ships like the B9 Aerospace style, inspiration point Massive ships with those of Star Citizen.



Tip 2: Shock absorbers are fundamental for visual and functional realism, so the best model is the right one. Good job, I'm your concept fan

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Got some bugs to report using version 1.8.02 with the following mods installed:


FIrst Issue: 3 different engines have same description and name:


Second Issue, both air augmented SRBs do not add jettison option to staging when Ticking "Jettison Staged" and will jettison when the engine is activated via staging.

Third issue: Many of the stock blueprints do not load citing missing parts from the mod.

Great mod by the way I love every bit of it, just wish I could find more mods with stockalike asethetics and parts that aren't restricted to the Mk2 form factor like air augmented rocket engines, fission reactors, and the rontgen nuclear engine. Also any chance of giving the banshee lift fan a mode switch like the Edgar engines have? I love having an electric propulsion option for in atmosphere for those kerbin surveys but flying with these lift fans stuck in an orientation is less than ideal, though not sure how to set up rotating on two axis, front to back and side to side.

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First off , Love all the work that has been done with these.


Would like suggest A  part .... Heads Up Am  really bad At drawing.... So dont LOL to hard.


(NOTE Engine size are probably not right,  and dont even need too be that  good  ...small and fit ) 

Would like to have cockpit up front and docking ring in the rear ( so I can change out the rear for Different missions)  .... These would allow  for some nice tug / lander builds.


(also would not mind if the Door hinges were on the sides and the Engines came out the top / bottom


Anyhow, I think that would be A nice part that is missing  ... ( maybe even have a version that deploys solar panels)




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Hey SI!  I love your mods and thanks to your work, almost all my craft are space planes as a first stage.

I am fascinated by nuclear power plants and I have used your nuke jets for some very fun craft.   I am also fascinated by the real thing and the history of attempts made by the USA and the USSR.

I wanted to share with you some of the images I have found from these craft beucase I think one of these would be a PERFECT inline nuclear module for your MK3 kit and help us explore and commemorate an interesting piece of history.

"Six turnin' and four burnin', four moar radiaten'" B-36 X-6 nuclear propulsion demonstration platform!


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Urg. It has been far too long since I posted here; apologies.
Mk3 Update 1.4 is now up, which brings official 1.3.1 compatibility, localization, new parts, some general rebalancing/tweaking, some minor fixes, a new Manufacturer & flag for easier part searching if co-installed with M2X, and M3X example craft. Grab it from Spacedock or Github.
Full changelog:


-Added Localization
-M3X parts now have their own manufacturer
-New part: BigS Airbrake A
-New Part: BigS Airbrake B
-New Part: Mk3 Precooler
-New Part: Service Tank
-New Part: Air-Augmented Rocket
-New part: Mk3 Reactor
-New part: Mk3 Ion Engine
-New Part: Mk3 Docking Port
-New Part: 1.875m SRB
-New Part: Long 1.875m SRB
-Model Rework: Mk3 Inline Cockpit
-Model Rework: Saddletank Intake
-Model Rework Mk3 Circular Intake
-Part Rework: Coxswain OMS
-Mk3 Inline Cockpit now has IVA
-Improved turboprop throttle response
-Fixed Turboprop IntakeAir usage
-BigS Wing connection strength improved
-Various Price/mass/techtree rebalances
-Buffed Mk3 hypersonic cockpit heat tolerance
-buffed command part torque wheels
-Fixed NFE compatibility
-Added M3X Example Craft

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fantastic Update!! mk3 precooler?! YAS!! Might I suggest a standard Mk3 reaction wheel module tho? otherwise, you need to add something just to get any sort of control authority(command bridge, drone core, forward command pods etc). If the design already had a pod or a drone core....theres no need for 2 drone cores or inline bridges just to increase the command authority. A simple reaction wheel would be the better option, it could even use the same texture as your mk3 stack decoupler or one of squads reaction wheel textures.


as of now the only command authority that gives wheel torque comes from command pods or the structural junctions(fuel tanks+reaction wheel seems a bit odd personally, but thats just me)


All in all, I like this mod, I just suck at building shuttles still LOL!!

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Do you like shiny things?



With the use of Textures Unlimited, you can add colour and shine of your choosing to the Stock parts along with the MK2 and MK3 Expansions. Don't delay, download your config and mask pack today!

Terms and conditions apply, guarantee not included, no liability accepted.

You'll need a few things in order for it to function correctly...

1) Textures Unlimited.
2) Electrocutor's Pass 0 stock config in the opening post of their thread.
3) Electrocutor's Pass 2 stock Porkjet config also in that opening post.
4) My TU Stock recolour config and mask pack which you can download here or over in Electrocutor's thread.

Have fun!


Small caveat. This only applies the masks made for stock to the expansion packs. In some instances, they don't map too well but on the whole, if you want some custom colour, it's all good.

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Can you remove the "Interstellar FuelSwitch" hard dependency and make it soft dependency with a MM patch?

Can you add a soft dependency for "Configurable Containers" with a MM patch?



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Mk3 Expansion 1.4.5 is up at the usual locations.


Version 1.4.5
KSP Version 1.4 compatibility
-New Part: Mk3 Structural tube
-New Part: LHub
-New Part: Mk3 SAS
-Model Rework: Seivert NTJ
-Model Rework: Mk3 Drone Core
-Hub masses reduced, now have LF/O
-Hubs no longer have SAS
-New SFX for Jet engines
-Adds RPM IVAs
-Chinese localization, credit to levin845
--Mesh objects should now all have unique IDs for textureswap compatibility


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@SuicidalInsanity,  I was looking through this thread earlier today and saw (somewhere back in 2016 I think) a question about a ventral Mk3 cargo bay (or just a regular one, let's be honest :wink:) that could have fold away doors instead of the regular swinging doors.  Nertea has one in his Mk IV Spaceplane mod (they are shown in the 3rd image down).  Is this something that is doable? I'd like to have the cargo bay doors open without clipping into the surrounding fuel tanks, and limiting the motion of the stock Mk 3 bays makes them almost impractical....

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