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Star Fails episode 1: the Phantom Structural Panels


Sorry for bringing back the specter of the travesty that was the Phantom Menace, but I just couldn't resist the reference. 8D

So I've been having a most bizzare bug, and it's not just for 1.0.2- my 1.0 install also fell victim to this glitch (RIP heavy landing gear). Parts will randomly disappear from the parts catalog when I close the game and open it back up again. The disappearances are permanent, e. g., they don't pop back up into existence with the next reload. I used to put it down to just entropy, since the parts that disappeared were inconsequential, stuff I almost never used. Except, just this morning, the structural panels disappeared (both 1x1 and 2x2), as well as the XL struts. Given that I'm attempting to create a dirigible aircraft carrier, this is a problem.

Constructions using any of the disappeared parts do not seem to vanish from the parts catalog, but sub-assemblies using the ex-parts are, sadly, no more. (*groans* that aircraft carrier deck segment took forever to put together).

Mods I'm running:

MechJeb 2 (no excuse, I just like to get preposterously large objects into orbit reliably)

HL Airships (squee)

Kerbal Aircraft Expansion

Kerbal Engineer Redux (duh)

Kerbal Inventory System (ick, merely installed as a KAS dependency)

Kerbal Attachment System (one of those mods I can't play well without)

Blizzy's toolbar mod (HL Airships dependency)

ONE homebrew custom flag (minimalistic.png repainted as a drill from Gurren Lagann, I do actually know what I'm doing with retexturing, so this isn't the problem)

I'm running 1.0.2 32-bit Windows. (Actually, to be fair, I don't know which version of the game I'm running, x64 or x32. In the meantime, trying a full reinstall.)

Thanks in advance for any advice you're able to give.:cool:

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