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Everything is in slow motion, please help


I'm getting this weird problem where I'm getting a decent framerate (around 25 fps) but time is kind of slowed down to like 1/2 its normal speed. I did some tweaking to the settings cfg file and I'm getting better framerate, and now even with large crafts (about 25-33 fps), but time is still slow, even if I use an 8 parts craft. I know the framerate is ok, because it says so in the debug menu, and because everything looks surprisingly smooth and not laggy, but the mission timer goes reaaaally slow. You can see in this picture 25 fps but the timer is yellow. I'm getting the same even with 8 parts craft, and yesterday craft below 70 parts ran at normal speed. I did not install any mod or change anything beforethis started to happen.MeMBMfx.png I know normally at 25+ fps you usually get the "green" mission timer, but mine is yellow andvery slow. Any Ideas?

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