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What do you guys think is the least mentioned/popular celestial body in the Kerbol System?


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No doubt, Dres... Actually, it's mentioned just to say why it's useless to go there or to remember that exists...

Hey i like dres, the main AKS base is situated on dres for 2 reasons, dres isnt a major target for most enemies, and dres has those super easy to work with potatoroids that spawn in perfect orbits around it (om id love to see at least some eliptical orbits or varying inclinations, right now dres is free roid farming. Those roids are so easy to work with that ive actually started dragging them into dres LKO to act as a minefield and or dogfighting arena (ok so many sci-fy series/movies had space fighters within asteroids shooting each other apart, i think its neat to run around dodging roids while trying to hit targets). Then im also working on a MASSIVE space dock composed of asteroids clawed together in such a way that you can dock ships inside a hangar made of roids crammed together.

But yeah, aside from the new asteroids that spawn there, dres has little interesting stuff around it, although i like the low gravity where even my crappy minmus intended ion fighter will work on.

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In my opinion its Minmus. I mean like come on when was the last time anyone has landed on that thing?

Are you sure you don't have Minmus confused with another body? Half the playerbase's first landing outside Kerbin in any career game is on Minmus. Not to mention it's incredibly popular as a place for building ISRU refineries, and has been since back in the Kethane days.

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As mostly a lurker... least mentioned I think is Dres, and Tylo. Actually, I think its a toss-up.

I 've only impacted Dres because I screwed up... I'm good at that which is why I've only left kerbin's SOI twice.

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For me it is Pol. Annoying place with minimal gravity. Every move takes minutes because time acceleration is forbidden near surface. There have also been strange bugs. I have collided several times to invisible surface hundreds of meters above the visible surface. It was couple of versions ago and I do not know if errors are fixed. Typically I just visit there once per save to put a flag and to watch those nice surface scatter things. Gilly is even more boring but it gives easy science points in career mode.

Ike was another place I did not like. It was dark and there was nothing interesting. But ISRU changed that. Now Ike is perfect place to land with mining and refining unit and supply fuel for manned Duna research. It also gives much science. Last expedition to Ike gave me more than 8000 points.

Unlike so many others, I like Dres. It have interesting eccentric and inclined orbit which gives nice and varying maneuvering challenges. However, Dres have exactly one interesting place to land, the large canyon. Dres is easy to underestimate. I have needed more rescue operations to Dres than totally anywhere else.

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Using Google:

Moho ksp: About 43,600 results

Eve ksp: About 369,000 results (can conflict with Environment Visual Enhancements)

Gilly ksp: About 29,500 results

Kerbin ksp: About 253,000 results

Mun ksp: 419,000 results

Minmus ksp: About 133,000 results

Duna ksp: About 204,000 results

Ike ksp: About 124,000 results

Dres ksp: About 49,000 results

Jool ksp: About 93,400 results

Laythe ksp: About 81,200 results

Tylo ksp: About 34,500 results

Vall ksp: About 28,000 results

Bop ksp: About 98,400 results

Pol ksp: About 286,000 results (not sure why, probably conflict with something else).

Eeloo ksp: About 35,300 results

Sooo, Google thinks it's like this: (from the least popular to the most popular)

















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Vall it is.

Dres at least has its unpopularity going for it. But Vall is like a diminutive Mun parked between much more interesting places to visit. Tylo is more prestigious because of how challenging it is, Pol is, too, because of how excentric and littered with weird shapes it is, Laythe is off-contest, and Bop is the ultimate Space Potato and home to the Kraken. Vall is... well it's there. It's not even closest to Jool. It spins. It's bland, and the rocks on it are unremarkably ugly.

Why would anyone bother to land on Vall at all, except as a mandatory chore for completing a proper Joolian Grand Tour ?

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Why would anyone bother to land on Vall at all, except as a mandatory chore for completing a proper Joolian Grand Tour ?

Vall does have a rather cool anomaly on it.

Dres being so unpopular is actually become popular really cracks me up! It does have that really awesome canyon on it, which is probably one of the most notable geological features in the solar system. Great fun to land a craft in, there's something a bit wrong (in a good way) about looking out from IVA as you go down and seeing the walls rising up above you.

Tylo is probably my least popular place


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Not even Dres, It's now well-known for it's unpopularity and Dres--teroids.

I'd say Pol and Vall. I've rarely seen them being discussed or even landed on. At least Tylo is a challenge, and Bop has some Easter Eggs.

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Ike (after Magic Boulder was removed). I'd rather go to Dres than Ike.

Ike is mostly useful as an refueling base for Duna, except that I agree its more boring than Dress who is also like Mun but is an planet hand has the rift.

Pol is also an nice mining location but Bop is closer in and has the kraken.

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