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The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)


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Just now, Ultimate Steve said:

@Skylon If indeed you do change your name, you might want to change your member title to something like "AKA Skylon" so people still recognize you.

Yeah, people recognising me was one of the reasons i want to change it sooner rather than later, while I'm not very well known


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2 hours ago, Skylon said:

I was thinking of changing my name, but I don't really know what to change it to. Having the name of a real-life/in development spacecraft seems a bit wrong. 

I was thinking of changing mine to "Stormageddon: Dark Lord of All"... but only Whovians would get the joke.


But seriously, I can understand you wanting to change your name... it might feel a little weird.

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39 minutes ago, Kaname said:

Is there any chance I could have my username changed? It's awful and it brings up bad memories.:/

There is quite a good chance, since there is a whole thread for this kind of thing, and your post has been merged into it. :)

What did you want your new name to be? 

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