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I'm trying to compile RealFuels, and I'm getting an error that's saying the "FromAmbientConditions" method can't be found in the "EngineThermodynamics" class. I can't find a method called "FromAmbientConditions" anywhere in the Git repo for SolverEngines. I'm thinking that there is a SolverEngines.dll somewhere that has that method since RealFuels references it. Any idea if there is source code for SolverEngines that has the "FromAmbientConditions" method?

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@delta wee this method was removed when @blowfish refactored SolverEngines (and the RealFuels code has not been refactored for these changes yet).

Also, it seems that separate RF and TF classes are now needed since their code was removed from MFT a while back.

Edit: i should (again) be more careful about facts...:blush:

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Question, do you also have a complete lack of emissive using the current RO pre-release and SolverEngine version? Stumbled about it after some issue with RealEngines.

For me, even the 'stock' RL10 and Merlin-1Dvac+ don't show any emissive after minutelong burns in space. (fasa, RF engines, bobcat soviet too; only exception SSTU, but there every engine glows, even ablator cooled RS68)


Not sure what else this could really be caused by, I guess SolverEngines is supposed to activate emissives?. heatproduction doesn't seem to do anything either (deprecated?); even setting it to from 100 to 1000 for RF E-1 or stock/fasa F-1 engines didn't have any effect on emissive (or engine core temperature).

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SolverEngines v3.1 for KSP 1.2.2 Is now available

  • Fix a bug with engine fitting where results would persist after data was deleted
  • Fix normalizedOutput to avoid phantom EC generation
  • Prevent NRE from the overheat box on a non-active vessel
  • Add vacuum conditions initializer for EngineThermodynamics
  • Allow animations on engines that don't inherit from ModuleEnginesSolver (mainly to take better advantage of interfaces)
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SolverEngines v3.5 for KSP 1.3.1

  • Engine modules now support THRUST_TRANSFORM nodes to allow thrust transforms with multiple names
    • If present, these will overwrite any other thrust transform setup
    • Any number of these nodes can exist on the engine module
    • They have the following fields
      • name: name of the transforms(s) to be used (required)
      • overallMultiplier: thrust multiplier applied to all transforms with this name (optional)
      • multiplier: multiplier applied to individual transforms, there can be either 0, 1, or n multipliers, where n is the number of thrust transforms with this name
        • If there is 1 multiplier then it will be multiplied into overallMultiplier
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