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I have, on a couple of occasions, encountered a bug in the game (which I eventually wrote a short Perl script to help banish), and it got me to thinking: what other tools outside of the game (game addons don't count) does the community use to make the game better/fix the consequences of bugs when they appear? It might even be useful to create a catalogue of stuff like this for other players to use in the future. I'm especially interested in tools that the community has created, because they might not be well-known.


  1. Shouldn't be on the list already. If it is, feel free to suggest a new use that others haven't thought of.
  2. Provide a link (forum post, open-source project page, whatever) and a short description of what it can be used for.

Custom Tools:

fix_craft.pl - a Perl script to detect errors in .craft files (works using vanilla Perl on *nix and Strawberry Perl on Windows).

Jebretary - automatic versioning of craft and savefiles, as well as sync features between saves. Can be used from a Web browser on your local machine or any other device on your network. Uses git behind the scenes (see below).

Pre-Existing Tools:

git - source control system, useful for versioning your savefiles (.craft and .persistent) and rolling back when something goes wrong.

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Jebretary - It automates using git for version control of craft and saves over multiple KSP installs so you don't have to know how to use git. It automatically tracks every quicksave and autosave into version control and tracks versions of craft as you launch them (so you can make several changes, save and launch and that will be counted as a version). You can reload any past save and revert craft/subassemblies back to previous versions. It also does a couple extra things like enables you to load an autosave as a quicksave, and can keep a craft sync'd between multiple different campaigns and installs of KSP (so you can change it in one campaign and it will be updated in the others).

It's stand-alone, runs as a web server on your KSP machine so you can use it from via your browser on your KSP machine or from another web device on your local network.

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