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I discovered that my standard Duna mission rocket from earlier versions of KSP was lacking sufficient dV in the lander for it to return from the surface of Duna to orbit and dock with the CSM in the new aerodynamics of 1.0.2, so thought this would be a good opportunity to re-work it.

This is a modded craft, but the only modification it uses is the Alcor lander can, as I prefer it's looks over the standard 2-man lander can. Everything else is stock.

Flight profile is pretty standard; 1st and 2nd stage get you to LKO, with some fuel left in the 2nd stage to start your interplanetary burn. This can be important, as the interplanetary stage is tight on dV, and relies heavily on aerobraking at Duna to establish capture and orbit there. Once in orbit, the lander can be extracted and the crew transferred from the command module. A short de-orbit burn and parachutes, with just a short deceleration burn near the surface means you can get down to the planet in the lander with most of your fuel intact. It's a two stage lander, but the first stage is used for both getting to the surface and doing most of the work when returning to orbit, being jettisoned when out of fuel, leaving the lander can to complete the orbital burn and rendezvous with the command module. Once the away crew are back in the command module, the lander can be discarded, and the command module can burn for home when a transfer window comes up.

Lift off


Second stage burn


Interplanetary stage arriving at Duna


Extracting the lander module


Final burn for landing


On the surface


Returning to orbit


Rendezvous almost completed


Burning for home


Hope they've put the kettle on to welcome us back


Craft download file

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