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Crashes in Kerbin's deserts - Out of memory errors even with minimal mods



I normally crash every few scene changes due to out of memory errors and I've come to accept this as a consequence of playing with a number of hefty mods, but I've come across a new issue that seems to persist even when I remove most of my mods. I visited the easter egg in the desert and while the flight there was uneventful, once I got close I started crashing 10-20 seconds after loading my quicksave. I eventually gave up and used Hyperedit to put the craft landed in the right place. Everything was fine while I was there, but trying to take off to leave caused repeated crashing again. I again edited the craft to a patch of desert some ways away to see if that would help, but it still kept crashing shortly after takeoff.

I stripped down my mods to just that which was necessary for the craft to work and GCMonitor to check my mem usage:





Firespitter (plugin only)



KAX (radial prop only)


TAC Life Support (none of the included parts)

Memory usage eventually gets up past 3.5GB and crashes. My error log seems to have a lot of "d3d: VB or IB is null" spam, but I don't have much of the knowledge necessary to read these things. Could anyone give me a hand? error.log and output_log.txt can be had here.

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Don't know if it's related, but I had a persistent crash every time I got within 1-4 km of the desert surface. I could go to tracking, directly load the vessel I wanted to land, do a straight landing, and boom, crash when I'm close enough to see surface features.

The last time it happened, and again recently, I went into Steam and right clicked KSP in my library, selected "Properties", Clicked the "Local Files" tab, and then clicked the verify game cache integrity. Both times I had the issue, i had it detect a bad file. I let it redownload that file, and either it works, or it crashes again and the file fails to verify again. It seems like there is a file that is getting gnarled during KSP's frequent crashes. Whatever is getting re-downloaded is small, as it barely registered as a blip in the Steam download screen, even if you have the download screen already open.

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I've had the same thing in a number of Kerbin spots, typically deep inland, where I've spent, uh, way too much time lately.

The big "fix" that helped me personally was turning down ground detail and scatters (trees and rocks, and cacti). I had them up, because hey why not, but setting them to saner levels helped. As far as I could tell being in the more inland areas of Kerbin just results in more ground detail getting loaded to memory than usual, resulting in out of memory crashes on the reg. I see it a lot less if I'm closer to the oceans which leads me to believe that water is simply less demanding. Turning these two settings down resulted in a lot fewer crashes (about the number I expect to put up with playing KSP).

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What I do to fix this same issue I had was the following;

- Create a .exe shortcut of KSP and drag it to wherever you want.

>Right click


>In the 'target' line you should see this; "C:\Users\Jonathan\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe"

>Turn it into this; "C:\Users\Jonathan\Desktop\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe" -force-openGL

>Make sure -force-openGL is after the quotation marks, and put a space in between the last quotation mark and -force-.

I use a lot of mods and this has pretty much made crashing a thing of the past, no matter what bunch of mods I have installed. Hope this helps.

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