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[1.0.5] Gryphon textures for Procedural Fairings v1.4


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Yeah I'm most of the way done making an MM patch to let every fairing switch between every fairing texture I can find. Should be cool.

Sounds great! You should let people on the main procedural fairings thread know if you haven't already :)

Regarding the insignias, I wonder if keeping the texture constant and then switching the insignias by prying into the flag system would work. Just thinking out loud.

Good idea, but that would make it necessary for all non-common details to be in the same place. Eh...I'll tackle the problem once everything is implemented :P

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Does anyone have any advanced tips or tricks for setting up really specified fairing shapes? I'm trying to set up some really detailed and technically accurate Proton fairings.




If not advanced tricks, does anyone know if it's possible to inset a new curve into the shapes? I'm trying to achieve the stepped shape used on Salyut, Zvezda, and Mir Core Module launches. I'm going to try the black fairings in this pack to get the color right, but the shape will be tricky.

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Update 1.3.5 is done! :)

And by "update" I mean "small change". The grey fairing version got its texture size increased to a less eye-violating 1024x1024 resolution, and received new interior textures. The cable was an afterthought, which is probably why it looks out of place :P


Great mod, looks real good.

I especially like the ability to change textures.

Is there any reason why I can not modify so that all textures can be rotated through?


That's great to hear, thanks! :D I'm glad you like it. As for making every texture available- some look weird when applied to a differently shaped cone. Procedural Fairings- for everything! has this functionality, though.

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v1.4 is out! Long overdue, but it does fix some of the most glaring problems, like shading bugs (turns out I had used an outdated model file. Oops.), and ends reliance on CBBP's legacy textures enabling a more permissive license (now CC-BY for everything).

Now I just need to make them not look like cheap plastic and we're golden :rolleyes:


1.4 	- fixed shading bug on all fairing types
	- new interior for Angara textures
	- better texture compression used, should reduce the amount of off-colour pixels
	- updated typos and manufacturer info



Warning: update 1.4 changes some part and texture names and might be craft-breaking! For those who have a previous version installed: remove the fairings from all crafts that use it; delete the entire "GameData\Gryphon folder; install new version. Send me a PM if you need a download link to the old version.


BTW, there's an issue with the imgur album in the OP still displaying old Angara textures. Here's the new ones (Soyuz/ISS version not shown)




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@StickyScissors I actually completely missed that PF has updated already as I haven't even downloaded 1.1 yet :P Sure, I'll check if any changes are necessary and update sometime this week. I'll also try putting it on CKAN so installing will be less fiddly.


(Edit: also, thanks for using the mod! Do you have any ideas on changes you'd like me to make?)

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@Mecripp Sure, updated! And thank you for noticing, I guess it got broken when Dropbox changed how public folders work. The new link is here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/rvxemqa7igmyhoy/Gryphon Fairings v1.4.zip?dl=0

But keep in mind it's two years old now, so...likely horribly broken. I'll take a look at it, but don't expect it before mid-February :/

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