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Ever Wondered how much Science was Available? Look no further! (Bonus OPM Calculations) [1.0.2]

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Ever wondered how much science you could actually get via experiments and reports alone in KSP? Well then this is the list for you!

This took about 7-ish hours of work because of incorrect values and testing ingame to make sure things came out right. I will not say 100% for sure everything listed is correct, but it should be darn close!

Just as well, I figured I would throw in calculations for the Outer Planets Mod since I am quite a fan of it, and was rather curious about those values. You can ignore it if you dont use OPM!

The spreadsheet linked here is rather large, so be prepared. It might be a little haphazardly laid out, but all of the data is present.



  1. Sun: 988
  2. Moho: 16,260
  3. Eve: 14,976
  4. -Gilly: 11,270
  5. Kerbin: 4,924.7
  6. -Mun: 7,940
  7. -Minmus: 6,164
  8. Duna: 9,902
  9. -Ike: 8,976
  10. Dres: 9,052
  11. Jool: 2,857
  12. -Laythe: 16,362
  13. -Vall: 7,340
  14. -Tylo: 13,464
  15. -Bop: 8,852
  16. -Pol: 7,340
  17. Eeloo(Stock Multipliers): 14,902
  18. GAME TOTAL: 161,569

For OPM calculations, see the spreadsheet linked above.


  • As stated on the image above, Labs and asteroids were not taken into account for these calculations. Only experiments and reports are accounted for.
  • Eeloo's multipliers may not be totally correct, as OPM was skewing those for me. I used the values listed on the wiki, but I am not totally sure if they are correct.
  • The stock tree costs 18,468 science to unlock. As stated above, you can gather 161,569 which is roughly 8.75 times more than the tree's cost!


  • Addle42: For helping out with multiplier values and biome counts.
  • TheiPeer: For providing the tree's total cost.
  • DasValdez: For asking in a chat the other night what the total science available was.

Posted this here per Kasper's suggestion! :3

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I wish there was a tool that scanned your /GameData for science definitions and compiled a report based on that so you could find out the total science gain of your install, taking into account many experiments added by mods like DMagic. Still, this works as a great baseline I can use since stock science still makes up the majority of what you can earn so thank you for your efforts.

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Thank you for working this out. I had been wondering how much science was available.

It is quite interesting that the tree costs 18,468 science to unlock, and we can get 19.028 science just from Kerbin, Minmus and Mün.

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