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"Space Launch System" needs a better name!

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-Kronos, the father of the Greek gods. This rocket is big.

-Odysseus, the renowned voyager. Its payloads will travel far.

-Dante, the epic poet. It will reach orbits, the literal circles of heaven.

-Virgil, another epic poet. It will found a new age of flight like Romulus founded Rome.

-Achilles, the nigh-invulnerable warrior. It will equal his greatness.

Many-Word Names

-Fire of The Sky, for how it's exhaust will light the night

-August Fury, for the controlled flames roaring from its nozzles

-Shoulder of Giants, for the science to stand upon it

-White Lightning, for its color and speed


Pillar of Autumn


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How about calling it Beyond? I think the word is pretty evocative of inspiration and exploration, and the point of this launch vehicle is to send big things beyond where they have ever been sent before, and little things beyond where anything has been sent before! (want Uranus orbiter!)

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Screw it, just call it Uranus. It is "a Saturn successor" after all. (Space Shuttle was a reusable launch vehicle, or at least marketed as one, so I think we might be able to make an exception here.)

That reason is good. Then I like Uranus.

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Why do people object against Uranus as a rocket name anyways? I see no problem with it- it's better than "George" (Let's see who understands that reference.:sticktongue:)

I was searching around, and found a few more unused names for a SLS, suggested by a guy called Greg Beat:

Aldrin (Armstrong discouraged naming in his honor.)

Freedom and Independence -- used in Armageddon (souped-up shuttles), unlikely.

Constitution - Tried with Enterprise in Shuttle naming contest, Enterprise won.


Pluto -- In honor of its (former) status as a planet.

Chronos/Cronos -- Interesting choice (Saturn tie-in)

Gallatica -- Russians would say military naming, Glen A. Larson's estate would want royalties!

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I was not really against Uranus, at least it is better than SLS ;) But I think there are more interesting concepts for naming than just pick an area (planets, greek letters) and use up all its names. Especially I think it is not especially good to keep a naming scheme over a very long time.

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Far-fetched LOng-Winded conTrived tecHnIcal Name for a thinG, cannibalised to have ENough letters for ShoehorniNg into a cool Acronym, and ending in a REDundantlY descriptive Noun like "SysTem", "dEvice", or "ApParatus".


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