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Do you have a screenshot that makes you laugh every time?


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In the midst of a seemingly normal batch of screenshots, this one makes me laugh every time I see it:


I know, there's just no accounting for taste.

What about you? Is there a sneaky comedy shot in one of your collections?

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One of my Apollo style builds after failed launch but successful abort. This was from around 0.25 or so, the rocket fell victim to the limp noodle syndrome. The best part is that it spontaneously disassembled once that Kerbal (don't remember which one that was) got a little closer and the physics engine kicked in.

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@luizopiloto, I love the photo. I suggest you use it to hold a "give the funniest caption" contest.

My entry: "O.K. The plane is dead, we're out of supplies and rescue is still weeks away. All in favor of sacrificing Ned for meat, raise your right mitten."

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This was supposed to be a test setup for aerodynamic forces and drag:


Alpha before we had reentry heat:


My all time favorite was the expression of my kerbalnaut when his Eve return vehicle ran out of fuel and he was on a suborbital trajectory:


Praise the Kraken for EVA packs...

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