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What top 10 (or less) mods couldn't you do without?

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Apologies if this is in the wrong place... kind of a general question rather than a mod forum question (I think?).

I've not had much feedback to work with so I'm really curious as to which mods people consider "must have" so I can implement support for them in my project (which I won't discuss here - see signature banner for info).


TOP TEN (or fewer) MODS!... GO!

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In no particular order:

Environmental Visual Enhancements - Clouds, the stock game should have them.

Distant Object Enhancement - Even more realistic graphics.

KW Rocketry - More engines, tanks and fairings.

MechJeb - Manoeuvre planning, automation and technical read-outs.

Chatterer - Stock is too sterile.

Active Texture Management - Keeps me under the 3.8GB limit. (Albeit barely.)

Kerbal Alarm Clock - I'm running multiple missions at once. Without this I'd loose half of them.

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Mechjeb, KAC, Tweakscale, Ubizur welding, X Science, KAS, Waypoint Manager, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (I am sick of game breaking kraken attacks + who likes to place useless struts everywhere just to keep the rocket together... Most essential if you ask me), Texture replacer with 8k planet textures + clouds.

There are many more but these are the ones i think that are essential for me to have as much fun as the game can provide.

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(in no particular order)

1)WayPoint Manager


3)Kerbal Joint Reinforcement

4)Texture Replacer

5)Astromimors Visual Pack



8)Chatterer is nice


10)Some Mod that makes the contract window larger (useful for career)

10.5) x64 community hack (quite essesntial for a ton of large mod packs and astronomers visuals.

They are my top ten at the moment, B9 would likly replace chatterer when its updated and im also a fan of FAR, Remote Tech and most of the near future stuff.

- Sam

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my top ten:


Kerbal Joint Reinforcement

Docking Port Alignment Indicator

Kerbal Alarm Clock

Enhanced NavBall

Crowd Sourced Science

Near Future Solar

Temperature Gauge Killer (since 1.0.2)

Others I mix and match according to what I want to do in my career.

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  • FAR
  • KJR
  • SCANSat
  • RemoteTech
  • TAC LS
  • IR
  • MechJeb
  • Procedural Parts & Procedural Fairings & TweakScale
  • KIS & KAS
  • Astronomers Visual Pack & EVE

I consider some mod combinations as "packs".

Those are probably the most important ones, but I don't even start KSP if not at least 10-15 more are installed.

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These are not in any particular order, and there are other mods which I consider equally important, but these are generally the ones I always look to first.

  • Kerbal Joint Reinforcement
  • FAR
  • Deadly Reentry
  • TAC Life Support
  • RealChute
  • Enhanced NavBall + NavBall Texture Changer (the combo of which I like to refer to as the Myopic Friends' Mod)
  • MechJeb
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock
  • Editor Extensions
  • RCS Build Aid

  • Bonus #1: ModuleManager (because almost everything depends on it)
  • Bonus #2: Toolbar (because the stock app launcher is a nice idea, but poorly realized)

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Here's my list of top ten... It was a hard choice...

Final Frontier


NearFuture Propulsion

NearFuture Solar

BD Adjustible Landing Gear

KAS/KIS (now since they are codependent they are one)

LackLuster Labs

EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (EVE)



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None - I usually play pure vanilla stock for the first week or so whenever a new KSP comes out.

However, the first mods I generally install and use the most are the following:

Kerbal Alarm Clock - so I can run multiple missions at once and not miss important events like SOI changes and periapses.

HyperEdit - for Kraken management and the occasional "simulation".

NavBall Docking Alignment Indicator - I prefer this to the more popular windowed one, as I don't need the extra precision and it gives me fewer things to watch while approaching.

Kerbal Engineer - to make sure my latest mothership has enough delta-V, or that my latest Tylo lander has a high enough TWR.

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Kerbal Engineer - Am I going to go up(ish)?

Trajectories - Where am I coming down? (Downish is assured)

Intake Build Aid - Prevent asymmetric flame-outs. Vital pre-1.x, apparently (not entirely convinced) still useful with 1.0.2.

If I remember on version X:

Kerbal Alarm Clock - Don't oversleep and miss the planet!

Stock Mod Fix - Just to remove annoyances

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For me it's:

Mechjeb (More for the info than the autopilot)

KW Rocketry (Awesome for large lifters)

B9 (Best Spaceplanes)

Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (Necessary when using KW's 5m parts!)

Distant Object Enhancement (See other planets and ships from far away)

Krag's Planet Factory when I get bored of the stock planets:D

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In no particular order:




- Texture Replacer


Anything else I could do without, but visual enhancement mods like Distant Object Enhancement or Collision FX are preferred when available. EVE is nice, but the "hardcore" packs crash my game and the default looks kind of low-res.

EDIT: Forgot about Trajectories. So glad it's finally been updated.

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The following mods appear in every KSP install I spin up, whether Realism Overhaul or stock:

Kerbal Engineer

Kerbal Alarm Clock

Module Manager

Texture Replacer

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There are 0 mods I literally won't play without. However in order of decreasing desire:

  1. DisableTempGauges (A critical bugfix for 1.0.x so far. Hopefully it'll not be needed soon.)
  2. Stock Bug Fix Modules (A must install even for those who don't mod their games)
  3. Ambient Light Adjustment (Needed so my YouTube videos aren't swaths of black)
  4. DefaultThrottle (Without this mod, my rockets won't launch because 100% is the only correct setting)
  5. Toolbar (Goes without saying)
  6. Kerbal Engineer Redux (I won't leave LKO without this mod.
  7. Kerbal Alarm Clock (I won't go interplanetary without this mod)
  8. PreciseNode (I won't go interplanetary without this mod either)
  9. Enhanced Navball (I love being able to offset the navball and make it larger)
  10. TweakableEverything (Docking ports in staging puts this in the top 10, and then there's all the other stuff)

Edit: I forgot Modulemanager. It's at least as important as the Toolbar mod. Which I realized is more important than the Ambient Light Adjustment mod as that won't work without the Toolbar.

This is hard. Can it be a top 20? :D

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