DeepFreeze... This mod provides the ability to freeze and thaw kerbals for those long space journeys.
Introduces glykerol resource used for freezing kerbals.
To freeze a kerbal you must have 5 glykerol units (configurable via part.cfg or settings menu) and 3000 electrical charge (configurable via part.cfg or settings menu) per kerbal.
To thaw a kerbal you must have 3000 electrical charge (configurable via part.cfg or settings menu) per kerbal.

This is the on-going release and development version of the original concept developed by @scottpaladin.
The mod has progressed way beyond that original concept and contains very little of the original concept development code and parts.
Due to other commitments Scott indicated to me some time ago that he has little time and unlikely to continue any mod work on KSP into the future and has given me permission and well wishes to continue that initial work.
As per the terms of the original license full credit to forum user scottpalladin PaladinLabs for the original concept, ideas and first versions of the mod.
The license continues under the same license conditions. The release version will be known as DeepFreeze Continued... Uses:When kerbals are frozen they do not consume life support resources. If you don't use life support mods, this mod doesn't really do much, except provide a few cool parts and ability to thaw and freeze kerbals. Features: Compatible with TAC Life Support, USI Life Support, Snacks, Interstellar Flight Inc and Kerbalism!. Small 1.25M in-line CRY-0300 DeepFreezer for 1 kerbal (with animated internals, animated external doors, and TRANSPARENT doors - Yes see the Internals from the outside). CRY-0300 has an on-board Glykerol tank which can store up to 10 units of Glykerol. Small radial CRY-0300R DeepFreezer for 1 kerbal (with TRANSPARENT pod window - Yes see the Internals from the outside). CRY-0300R has an on-board Glykerol tank which can store up to 10 units of Glykerol. Medium 2.5M in-line CRY-1300 DeepFreezer for up to 3 kerbals (with animated internals). CRY-1300 has an on-board Glykerol tank which can store up to 15 units of Glykerol. Large 2.5M in-line CRY-2300 DeepFreezer for up to 10 kerbals (with animated internals). CRY-2300 has an on-board Glykerol tank which can store up to 50 units of Glykerol. RS-X20R radial glykerol tank for up to 20 units of extra glykerol storage. Full featured GUI allowing you to see all frozen kerbals and freeze/thaw kerbals. Kerbals can also be frozen/thawed via part right click menu. ANIMATED CRYOPODS. Yes - Animated Cryopods! See for yourself. When you Freeze or Thaw from external view, you will see the Pod open/close in the portrait cameras. If you are in IVA/Internal mode when you freeze/thaw the camera will switch to an internal camera viewing the pod of the kerbal you are about to freeze/thaw. It will then animate open/close of the cryopod. Yes the internals change. All Rep to @MerlinsMaster for his Amazing!! Internal modelling and texturing. You can switch around all the un-frozen kerbals seat cameras to take a look around. There are also alternate internal cameras via Alt-D. Remote Tech is supported - Detects if RT is installed and if it is:-
You cannot thaw kerbals unless you have active crew on-board or an active connection to your vessel if un-kerbal'd. When you attempt to freeze your last active crew on-board, you are given a warning that you will need an active crew on-board or active connection to thaw kerbals - you then have to click thaw a second time to confirm your action. You cannot modify KAC - DeepFreeze Continued Alarms unless your vessel is crewed or connected. Provides monitoring capability of frozen kerbals at a cost of Electrical Charge. WARNING!! - use of this feature means kerbals will die if you run out of electrical charge if you set the fatal option to on. A non-fatal option is available. To use this feature you must change thesettings as the default for this feature is off. EC usage to keep kerbals alive NOW DOES (from V0.18) operate when vessel they are aboard is not the active vessel. But it will only drain up to 95% of your EC when you switch to the vessel without BackgroundProcessing installed. If you optionally install the BackgroundProcessing mod then EC usage is processed even if your vessel is NOT the active vesel. EC usage turns off for all vessels when timewarp is > 4x due to bugs in EC usage at high timewarp. Temperature Checking function (switch on and off via config settings: RegTempReqd = true/false). If switched on the Freezer Part temperature must be < the RegTempFreeze value (in settings)to be able to freeze a kerbal. If switched on you must maintain the Freezer part temperature BELOW the RegTempMonitor (in settings) value. If you do not, then there is a good chance the freezer will fail and your kerbals WILL start dying if you have the EC fatal option turned on. If switched on Freezing/Thawing and Holding Frozen Kerbals will cause the freezer parts to produce Heat which you will then need to manage. - This function only operates on the active vessel as Temperature control on unloaded vessels is too risky in the current KSP version. If you wish to use this function, do so at your own risk.. (or rather the Kerbals) and use a heat control mod and parts like this one. If that's not all, NEW from Version 0.18 of DeepFreeze Continued... now includes Kerbal Alarm Clock (KAC) mod integration. If you have KAC installed you can bring up a list of all KAC alarms attached to the active vessel and assign DeepFreeze Thaw and Freeze events to the alarm. So when the alarm fires in KAC, DeepFreeze will automatically execute whatever Thaw and Freeze commands you have attached to that alarm. This ONLY works once the alarm fires and you switch to the vessel that these events are attached to (if it isn't already the active vessel). DeepFreeze will remember these commands forever and execute them once you switch to this vessel but keep reminding you to do so until you do switch to the vessel or you delete the alarm from within Deepfreeze (not KAC). If you also have Remote Tech mod installed you can only modify DeepFreeze alarm events if the associated vessel has a valid remote connection or a kerbal in command. DeepFreeze will however execute your alarms even if the vessel does not have a connection or kerbal in command as they are stored and executed by the on-board computer. RasterPropMonitor enabled light switches, door handles, and RPM Transparent Pod functionality. Full integration and support of Ship Manifest mod by Papa_Joe. -SM knows about Frozen Kerbals and also enables freeze and thaw for the SM crew GUI. Module Manager config file included for support of CLS mod supported by Papa_Joe. Localization texts for Russian and Spanish. For more information please refer to the new W.I.P. WIKI page. More Pics, More clicks
  Known Issues: Please report all issues/bugs/requests to github here. When inside the CRY-0300 with the External Doors closed, if you zoom out strange camera effects mean the door is only partially visible. When there is a Kerbal on the ladder in front of the CRY-0300 and the doors are open the Internal Overlays the kerbal and blocks them from view. This is actually a JSI AdvTransparentPods limitation for now. The CRY-0300R has lost it's ability to show cool Window Freeze/Thawing animation effects. Support: Be a COOL PERSON and help me by raising bugs and feature requests on GitHub here. For support please ensure you are following these instructions.
From now on I will NOT respond to requests for support if you have not at least attempted to follow these simple steps.
When I ask for a LOG I mean this LOG: KSP versions 1.3.1 and below: Windows: KSP_win\KSP_Data\output_log.txt -OR- KSP_win64\KSP_x64_DATA\output_log.txt (depending on which used)
- In case you installed KSP into a Windows protected directory (C:\Users, C:\Program Files or C:\Windows\ and their subfolders) the output log file may be stored in the folder called C:\Users\[username]\Appdata, this folder is usually hidden so you should enable the view hidden folders option (more information). Note that for the demo you should find the output_log.txt file located in the KSP_Data folder.
- Steam users should right click KSP in Steam, click on Properties, then in the Properties box, click Local Files, then Browse Local Files. Mac OSX: Open Console, on the left side of the window there is a menu that says 'files'. Scroll down the list and find the Unity drop down, under Unity there will be Player.log Aka Files>~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log Linux: The log is written to /home/user/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/Player.log KSP versions 1.4.0 and above: Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\output_log.txt
- This folder is usually hidden so you should enable the view hidden folders option (more information). Mac OSX: Open Console, on the left side of the window there is a menu that says 'files'. Scroll down the list and find the Unity drop down, under Unity there will be Player.log Aka Files>~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log Linux: The log is written to ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/Player.log  
Whilst I agree CKAN is a great mod for those that can't use Zip tools. I take no part, nor am I interested in maintaining the CKAN mod metadata for my mods.
Please don't ask me about it but refer to the CKAN mod thread if you are having issues with CKAN or the metadata it maintains. Planned work/ideas: Re-vamp the GUI to use all the neat new Unity 5 capabilities with KSP 1.1. Like freeze and thaw direct from the portrait cams, and more. RPM enabled Cryopod Screens and buttons to control and Monitor DeepFreeze functions from Cryopods (possibly also Command pods). Extend Monitoring to include random maintenance/failure requirements for an Engineer to deal with. ISRU refining of Glykerol. Endurance Mod compatible Freezer part. For Other Modders: Information for other mods to recognize Frozen Kerbals is provided via the included Interface. More details for modders can be found here. Credits and License: License - Creative Commons 4.0 Share-Alike Attribution Non-Commercial license
Full credit to the user known as ScottPalladin on the KSP forum for the original concept ideas and dev mod.
Full credit to the amazing modelling work done by @MerlinsMaster
Source code is located on github here.
If you like my mods and you want to show your support, then you can support me on Patreon:
Install Instructions: Download From SpaceDock, CurseForge, or Github.
SpaceDock runs and makes mods available to you based purely on donation. If you don't want to pledge to me at least
Consider pledging to keep SpaceDock going if you use it.  You MUST manually delete any old installed version of DeepFreeze first from \Gamedata\REPOSoftTech\DeepFreeze Unzip into your Game install directory. Dependencies (MUST also be installed for DeepFreeze Continued... to function): If you are upgrading from a previous Version and up of this mod please manually delete \GameDatREPOSoftTech\DeepFreeze before you install. Requires ModuleManager (this is no longer optional) - Now included in this package. Requires Community Resource Pack - Included in this package.CRP, and Community Resource Pack are (tm), and may not be used without permission. License for all configuration files is CC 4.0 BY SA NC This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available.
Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent.
For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin Optional *but highly recommended: Highly Recommended to allow transparent CRY-0300 and CRY-0300R pod functions - but optional is JSI Advanced Transparent Pods. If you do not install JSI Advanced Transparent Pods than the CRY-0300 will act like the other parts and the External Doors will be disabled. Without JSI Advanced Transparent Pods installed the CRY-0300R window will appear permanently frozen. With Raster Prop Monitor (RPM) installed the internal IVA Props will work (light switches, External Door lever, EC and Glykerol Read-outs on all the parts). Highly Recommended to allow background EC usage and monitoring - but optional is BackgroundProcessing. This is a link to my forked copy of JamesPicone's backgroundprocessing as he has not been on the forums since February. This link is to my forked copy of his mod until he provides a new download repository. Kerbal Planetary Base Systems - Comes with the CRY-5000 DeepFreeze part for Base building and Freezing needs. You probably want a Life Support Mod. TACLS (V0.12.3 +). Snacks!, USI LifeSupport,Interstellar Flight Inc. (IFI) are fully supported. Kerbalism is now fully supported. Ship Manifest supported for crew transfers. Kerbal Alarm Clock for all your timed DeepFreeze needs. CLS supported (with supplied config file). Remote Tech is supported. See details in changelog. DeepFreeze respects Remote Tech connectivity for certain DeepFreeze functions to work. Changelog: Attributions
  Sound files remixed from the following sources: Tymaue -
KomradeJack -
AlaskaRobotics -
JohnsonBrandediting -
Oddworld -
Benboncan -
Halleck -
  @nli2work on KSP forum - Internal Props - door handle, light switch, EC monitoring button, Glykerol monitoring button.
@Artem Kerman on KSP forum - Russian texts.
@fitiales on KSP forum - Spanish texts.

Authors @JPLRepo : Plugin design and development, C# coding, Implementation and releases. @MerlinsMaster: Graphic design, 3D Models, textures.