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Several of you may have seen my Historic Pack (link in sig). I will be breaking out my slow-boat Alternate History based RO parts in this thread. The two primary items which will be covered here are Eyes Turned Skyward (in conjunction with the main ETS thread), as well as my own person pet project, which is a reimagining of the STS. ETS will come in bits and pieces, as I have time, and my STS might be a little more of a concerted effort, although I'm not sure at this point. Modeling on both is in progress.



My little pet STS project is based on the HG-3 engine, which, in our timeline is a derivative of the J-2, which lead to the creation of the SSME. This speculates on a rational, expendable booster based Space Transportation System, to meet both NASA, and Air Force needs in a cost effective manner. It will include vehicles from the late 70's to the present day. The 6.7m Saturn IV-B is used as the basis for the common core diameter, UA1207 boosters as the primary solid during the initial production run, and something like the STS SRB as an upgrade in the 1990's. See my silly little photoshopped "Rockets of the World" chart for comparison:


Tanks in progress:


That's all for now!

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Will you have integrated fuelTank-engineAdaptor parts, which allow placing four or more engines under a large fuel tank, while carrying fuel themselves? I ask because the final section of your work in progress fuel tank seems very interesting.

Also, will the majority of your mod be a fuel tank pack? I'm sad to say, but most RO players use very many Procedural Parts fuel tanks instead of fixed sizes, to reduce part count.

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I've actually been spending a lot more time in CAD modelling out all of the various sub-systems and tanks. Real life has slowed down a bit, and I've finally got my Linux machine back up, so I will actually be able to test some of these items. Ive got a vacation coming up so it will be time to start hitting this stuff hard.

All of the tanking combinations will be intentionally fixed, and not modular. These are designed to represent completed contractor developed flight stages.

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Redesigned Saturn IE tank based on real construction considerations. As E of Pi had mentioned, they didn't go into how the actual tank construction may impact the appearance of the tank. Based on the stated fuel mass capacity, and the height of the stage, a non-common bulkhead seemed to be the baseline calculation. So while it doesn't look identical to some of the diagrams on the wiki, it should now be construction accurate.



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S-IF, leaps and bounds better than the textures in my previous attempt. This keeps the overall look and feel of the models shown on the wiki. Cable trunk rotated 45 degrees to deal with booster attach points.


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Saab' date=' have my babies :D

I can't wait to see true ETS parts. If you need testers, I'm your man :D[/quote']

Sure will! (Requires realism overhaul though...)

Block-III Apollo SM/Aardvark SM. Pre-reflection plugin. Designed for use with FASA decoupler and CM. It will get a custom AJ-10 based engine with a smaller engine bell.



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