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KSP Jokes

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Here are some Kerbal-style jokes I made up. Tell me what you think!


1st Kerbal: Hey, where'd you put the oxygen containers?

2nd Kerbal: Uhhhhhhhhh...I maybe might have left them back in the astronaut complex?


1st Kerbal: Did we put solar panels and batteries on that probe?

2nd Kerbal: Uhhhhhhhhh...oops. Just take the new rocket & probe out of my allowance.


1st Kerbal: Are you sure you know how to fly this thing?

2nd Kerbal: Uhhhhhhhhh...yeah, I launched a model rocket as a kid. Why?

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*rolls up sleeves*

I would make one about rocket thrust, but I'm just EXHASTed.

I could make one about the moons of kerbin, but it would have minmusal effort put in.

The SPH is PLANEly the better building, even though I sometimes runwaway with these puns.

The mission control seems to have CONTRACTED an obsession with explosions.


What do kerbals measure energy in?


How do kerbals mass produce things?

They use a laythe.

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