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[1.8.x] Docking Sounds!! v2.1.12.27690 (10/7/16)

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On 6/24/2019 at 1:49 PM, Tonka Crash said:

Did you even look a the log? He has one exception during load. The exception itself is because the mod was compiled against the wrong version of .NET but doesn't seem to create any problems.

 It's still a problem, and really should be  re compiled against the proper version of .NET

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In case it helps: this mod seems to work OK for me in KSP 1.11

I've briefly tested it, with the following list of things installed:

KSP win x64 (Steam)
Making History 1.11.0
Breaking Ground 1.6.0

Chatterer v0.9.99 - Keep talking!
Click Through Blocker
Docking Sounds!! (10/7/16)
E.V.E. Redux (from blackrack) + Configs- (from WazWaz)
Final Frontier 1.10.0-3485 + KerbFleet Custom Ribbons 1.2.0
Kerbal Alarm Clock
Module Manager 4.1.4
PlanetShine v0.2.6.2 Oct 19, 2019
Rover Wheel Sounds (Revived) v1. (from DoctorDavinci, .dll overwritten with the one from MAFman)
Scatterer - atmospheric scattering 0.0722
Texture Replacer 4.3
[x] Science! v5.26

And also, thank you very much to the developer(s) of this mod!

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