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RoverSpeed, go as fast as you wish![Abadoned]


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now re-uploaded at spacedock.info  Now Dead :/


What it does:

-It uncaps the "overspeeddamage" so you can go as fast as you want without breaking the wheels (Well, not exactly as fast as you want but i think you'll rather get that thing airborn or crushed by aerodynamicforces before you exceed the new cap of 1000m/s)

What it doesn't do:

-It wont stop the wheels from breaking if you hit an object or jump over a hill and hit the ground.

On the right, at the "Wheel"- tab you see the new "Maximum Speed":




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Nice! Looks like the potential for lots of destruction!

So sidenote, I saw the title and thought it was the secret sauce to @RoverDude's insane mod making speed...

No it's not^^ But i'd be happy if someone uses this, since the only purpose i have for it right now is driving really fast. Any ideas or feedback would be fine, since there are some other values one could mess arround with ... and I, for myself, am happy with it right now. But thats due to the fact that i simply didn't encounter any problems or further points of improvements:D

Edit: Works in 1.0.3

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I see in the picture above it still says "Crash Tolerance 20m/s" so does that mean if you get some air at 100m/s when you land the wheels will break?

I'm not sure how this correlates to Impact Tolerance or is that only calculated off vertical speed?

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