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Arma 3


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Like it's predecessors, Arma 3 is very much the KSP of first person shooters.

It realistically simulates many aspects of physics; it has realistic aerodynamics, ballistic physics, sound simulation, among other things.

It is a sandbox game. It has an official campaign and scenarios, but it also has a built in editor to create custom ones. The game is also fully moddable.

I bought it about two years ago when it came out on Steam in alpha, and it has since become one of my favorite games.

I also have Arma 2, but 3 is the one I play the most.

Various links

Steam store page

Official site

'33 things about Arma 3' trailer

Your opinions?

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It's pretty sweet. I played a tiny bit of arma 1, then arma 2 came along and made things much more accessible, and arma 3 made it even more accessible. Takes a hell of a machine to run, though.

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I'm in a love/hate relationship with the game server's organization.

Pro: No trolls. They get kicked instantly.

Con: I was probably the best pilot on a server - I was landing loaded Mohawk Choppers safely in combat situations and making it home in time for tea. I was kicked for not being in the right Mumble Lobby (mumble is like bad teamspeak)

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