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S.S.T.O. with most Kerbals


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Get a S.S.T.O. with as lot as :rolleyes::(:mad::sealed::confused::kiss::blush::wink::sticktongue::cool::P:D:huh:;.;:) you can stick in/on into orbit and get them back safe.

Take off anywhere you like, use whatever engines you like, crash back into Kerbin if you like, as long as your Kerbals are alive you have made the board. (and try not to cheat, but mods are allowed.)

Most orbiting kerbals gets to be #1 !


- Single stage, so no "droppings" (Yak !)

- No kerbals die ! (they don't seem to like it that much ...)

- Prove with pictures or video that you did it.


1: j3hJimmer 132 Kerbals

2: Zipmafia 32 Kerbals





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time to break out my "Triple" in 0.90.

30m diameter, space for 400+ Kerbals using the "Noo" Mk.III passenger fuselages that just happen to double as LFO tanks(!) that I WISH someone would update for 1.0... I wonder if just dropping them in like I did with my super nukes would work...?

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That's a nice looking bird Zipmafia :kiss:

I'm sorry to have to bump you down the list.

I give you the Cassowary. 132 kerbals sent to orbit and safely returned to the surface. I wasnt able to return them to the KSC unfortunately. I brought too much oxidizer and not enough kerosene. I was forced to glide down from 60,000 m and was lucky to land in the dark without crashing.

I think this might be easier with a rocket. High part count space planes are a pain in the ass to fly on a mediocre PC.

Inb4 someone launches 1000 kerbals in one go.

- - - Updated - - -

Also, do we need to have actual kerbals in every seat? Its a pain in the butt adding kerbals to the roster 7 at a time.

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