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How do you stop playing KSP?

Dr Farnsworth

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On 6/30/2015 at 1:24 AM, Dr Farnsworth said:

I can't stop! 500 hours on the game now according to Steam (not all at one sitting). My eyes are tired, it's time to go to sleep. Actually it was time to go to sleep three hours ago. But I have to finish my landing on Duna...

Maybe there should be a support group for KSP addiction.

btw, new to the forums, hello everyone.

Once your hooked......
you cant get unhooked......:):) :joy:

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I have something like 3000 hours logged in KSP... my experience of stopping playing was "start playing a multiplayer game where if you don't join in now, the opportunity will disappear".

This will quite quickly get you out of the habit of any singleplayer game you are doing at the same time. FOMO is powerful.

That said, I'm considering doing a little career game now that everything has settled out and there's not going to be any changes that cause me to have to reset my entire modpack and start over :)

(Not that I ever objected to KSP updates; just when all my mods would die and I ended up playing an old version 2-3 months past release... it got to feel like I was always behind the times.)

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On 8/13/2021 at 1:39 AM, Jeb_Needs_A_Parachute said:

Other way to stop playing: Use your CPU's integrated graphics and built a massive rocket. Then watch the slideshow and decide it isn't interesting. Close it before you CPU overheats. Done.

not working. my first really huge mothership was slowing the game so much, when i had to turn it around i would put the game in background and go do something else while waiting.

and yet, even before i finished its mission, i already decided on an even more elaborate mission, with an even bigger mothership. I've been playing with those incredibly laggy motherships since last december now, and I'm still trying to come up with more convoluted missions

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For me, a game crash at a very bad moment. There's nothing worse than having the game crash during reentry or right as you are attempting a manual docking. For me, that's an immediate "rage quit" and I end up spending up to a week playing something else.

In all fairness, it's not just KSP that I'm that way with. It's other games, too - Cities: Skylines, Civilization VI, and others can cause me to quit playing games for a few days.

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2 hours ago, Entropian said:

Usually it's my alternating obsessions with KSP and Minecraft

this ^

(That raises an interesting inquiry regarding the two: in both, you are planning and building things in order to accomplish grand objectives.  Fighting can be largely avoided, if one has a pacific nature.)

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On 6/29/2015 at 8:14 PM, basic.syntax said:


To be annoyingly literal... if you can bring yourself to do it, you can stop in more than one way: the menu-driven way is safest and more polite... but when I'm sure my game state is safe, I like [alt]-[enter] to switch to window mode, then click the big red X in the upper right corner. No fuss, no guilt-inducing "are you sure?" prompts ;)

I know this is old but to follow up, Steam's force quit prompt in the shift+tab menu quits the game instantly. I mean, faster than Task Manager. Fantastic!

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