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Crazy aerodynamix airborne docking challenge w/ 1.0x! :P


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I'm not sure if there are many more difficult challenges than this, I have been attempting for four hours, and have gotten so close, but not enough to complete it ;) The challenge, as it is, is to dock, and refuel two aircraft, whilst in flight in the new aero model. I have seen a few accomplish this in the old soupmosphere, but flying at high speeds with just the slightest movement throwing you off is a much greater challenge. I myself have gotten inches away, from docking in flight using a prop plane, and I would love to see a few avid pilots accomplish, what I believe is the hardest thing in Kerbal Space program! Below are a few images of me getting close, and I am fluent in the art of formation flying now ;) I used KAX for the propellors, and B9 procedural wings for the nice looks and functionality.

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The rules are pretty simple: Dock two flying spacecraft.

You can get points for leaderboards by stepping out of the box a little, try to reach the top of the leaderboards ;)

DOCKING PORTS Which one did you use?

Kerbal Klaw- 0.5 points

Clamp o' tron Sr- 1 points

Clamp o' tron docking point (1.25)- 1.5 points

Clamp o' tron Jr (for hardcore people)- 3 points

DOCKING SPEEDS get points for how fast you are travelling at time of docking!

0-200m/s- 1 point

201-350- 1.5 points

351-499- 2 points

500-799- 3 points

800-1000- 5.5 points

1000+- 7 points

ROUGH ALTITUDE OF DOCK for those who fly high!

0-2999m- 2 points

3000-4999m- 3 points

5000-7500m- 4 points

7501-10000m- 5 points

10001+- 6 points

ALSO you can receive points for HOW you did the docking as well, a few of these are listed below and can earn you more points!

Did you use a guide rail to help trap your port to dock?- 1 point

If not,- 3 points

Did you use FAR?- 2 points

There are a few more rules to go over as well.

1. Mods are allowed. (Don't abuse mechjeb or thermal)

2. All targeting assists are allowed as well, but do not help much.

3. Pictures are necessary.

4. You get to count up your points, have evidence of them.

5. Debug/Persistence editing/Cheat menu NOT ALLOWED


Happy acing ;)

I will be working on some graphics that you can add to your signatures shortly!


1.2001kraft-6.5 points








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Ive been wanting to try this, but how do i switch between planes in the atmosphere?

You have to start with the two vessels connected, basically attach your plane to the vessel you want to dock with and decouple once you are in the air ;)

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I don't believe it is possible to switch between vehicles if they have not been launched from the same body, so no. :)

you do know, that this is the challenge board. and with all challenges, there sometimes are solutions the challenge-starter doesn't know (that's what makes challenges so interesting and funny).

I have succesfully docked a spacecraft using the claw but that crashed my game so looks like it's back to docking ports!

I guess, you docked your plane to an activated claw on the other plane, isn't it?

if so, KSP hates that (not only in mid air but everywhere). the unit with the claw must bei the actively controlled one. otherwise KSP crashes.

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