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more content locations?

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ok so i'm one of the uh....silly people :D ....ya we'll go with that, that installs nearly every mod i can find

i go a step beyond, checking through every cfg/model/texture/etc, putting in different folders (yaya i dont complain when it breaks), renaming parts to a cleaner naming convention, custom MM scripts to correctly apply all modules where they should go, etc

basicly 100% custom install :D currently at 519 mods (counting parts pack as a mod, not just if a plugin)

and yes to date i have deleted 2836 cylinder tanks (yes i kept count)

i've gone through every forum post here (and went to their private sites)

i've checked all of kerbalstuff

i've checked curseforge

i've checked ckan

my question is what other sources are there to check?

i read about spaceport and supposedly it went away, i assume alot of content lost from it for good?;/

anymore database programs like ckan?

any people with private sites that refuse to post here/ckan?

i've had parts still work as far back as 0.21, i don't mind the effort to get .... parts :D

if its a broken mod / plugin, parts can still be used, i got a plugin from 0.23 still workin :D

a few people i've seen have been here for years and have massive sized backups

are they allowed (if i can convince) to send me that?:) or licenses say no? (again i dont complain when it doesnt work)

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got everything from there, found a few things i didnt have yet :)

anywhere else? :D

I found: KSP Yard (Looks a little sketchy, don't know whether to trust it or not)

KSP Mod list Looks fine, but isn't maintained anymore.

Searching github for "kerbal space program" yields some results, but they are mostly linked to from the forums.

That's it for now!

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