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KerbalEdu updated to 1.0.4e638

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KerbalEdu updated to 1.0.4e638!

Another KerbalEdu update is out! This update is mostly about bringing KerbalEdu up to date with the current version of Kerbal Space Program, 1.0.4. It contains mainly bugfixes, both in the base game and in the edu features.

Improvements and fixes related to the edu features are listed below. For the improvements and fixes in the base game since 1.0.2 see http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/1.0.3 and



  • You can now set KerbalEdu to create the savegame files to a folder outside the installation directory. You can specify this directory by creating a file named edusettings.cfg in the installation directory and writing there the line:
    externalSavesDirectory = your/external/saves/directory. This could be used for redirecting student saves to their home directories for example.
  • In addition to yaw and pitch angles, you can now also specify the camera distance in the “Lock Camera†event action
  • Launching missions in zip files from URL. You can now post mult-part missions that use the LoadGame event action to mission library.


  • Fix; Vehicle mass only shows stage 0 mass after removing and putting back decoupler in Kerbal 2 stock craft.
  • Fix; Vehicle mass differs from Craft Stats information.
  • Other fixes and improvements to design data & data select view.
  • Fix; After pausing the recorder the unpause button seems to get chopped from both sides.

If you own KerbalEdu, you can download the new version by logging in at https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspstore/.

You can access our Mission Editor the same way as before, by logging in at http://kerbaledu.com/kerbalmissionlibrary with your KerbalEdu account (the account you have registered at kerbalspaceprogram.com).

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