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[Showcase] ARMOURED VEHICLES! Post your pictures here!


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I have been further developing my stock military with my first true heavy tank prototype. The JTF-Relentless is my first tank to feature a high strength turret bearing that takes several direct hits to destroy. It also features exceptionally heavy front armor capable of bouncing it's own high velocity I-beam rounds from further than 80 Meters away. It currently has a placeholder turret from the lynx main battle tank. In the future it will be armed with it's own six shooter turret.


The front hull armor is nearly impenetrable. It is the only Tank I have ever encountered that has armor capable of stopping or even bouncing my own high velocity rounds.



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Released today:

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With my SuperSuspensionTM


Crew: 3

Mass: 37.7t

Weaponry: 120mm cannon, 40 shells; 4x .50cal turrets, 2400 rounds.

Range: 300km

Armour: All around, two layers, at the front four layers.

Suspension: Independent, able to climb over and drive through very rough terrain (limit speed). Capable of driving with 12 of the 14 wheels broken!

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/4249

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