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[1.6.1] NodeHelper - tool used to edit node positions


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On 6/4/2019 at 12:50 PM, linuxgurugamer said:

Well, the code says:

var path = KSPUtil.ApplicationRootPath + "/GameData/" + cfgurl + "_NH.cfg";


which tells me that it will be in the same folder as the original config, with _NH_cfg at the end

You mean the "new" CFG will be in the same folder as the one we edited, with the _NH_cfg at the end, right?

I'm trying to fix Color Coded Canister's attach node bug with Node Helper but all the modifications i do to stock parts are not saved, and i have to redo it everytime the game opens... Am i doing something wrong?

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What i did was to edit the node ingame with NodeHelper and type the given coordinates directly to the part.cfg (3 stock fuel tanks). The mod didnt generate any file whatsoever, or at least i coudnt find any (neither in squad/parts folders or the mod folder). So i edited the cfg directly and the new coordinates are there, in the cfg, but nothing changes ingame, so either stock parts can't be edited, or i'm doing something severely wrong...

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@looksgoodfp You have to hit the "Write" button in a different GUI to write the _NH_cfg... that doesnt automtically add the info to the part.cfg, and it doesnt write a complete cfg. It just writes the node coords to a file... You then have to copy/pasta those either from that file, or directly get them from the Ui you changed them in, copy/pasta to the actual part.cfg...
The changes arent permanent when you edit them ingame.
You have to make the changes to the part.cfg, then you have to reload the part database, either by using the Alt-12 menu (I prefer not to do this, cuz I have found changes quite often do not take effect, for what ever reason), *or* you have to exit the game completely and restart... This is what I do. Exit the game, delete the Partdatabase.cfg file, as well as the four temporary MM cache files, then restart the game... You changes should take effect then...

Yes, its still somewhat tedious, but using NodeHelper to visually do the edits, and get good coords usually the first time, and just having to restart the game once, is still better and less tedious, than guessing at changes, and having to exit/restart the game multiple times.

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