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MK2 Drone + Cargo Bay + 2x Phyisics = Kaboom

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Was working on a simple SSTO, basically the above combination when mated with a cargo bay = kaboom (nearly instantly) the moment i hit 2x or more physics acceleration.

The flight report states it was due to overheating.

Temp gauges give no indication its even close to overheating before hitting time accell.

The exact same ship configuration without the cargo bay results in no issues whatsoever.

The "overheating" is near instant.

I'm 99% sure this is a bug. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I just threw a ship together to test and it does seem to go boom after a few seconds of physics warp. On the first test the drone core survived and the cargo bay was destroyed, second test the drone core exploded due to overheating with no heat warning.

ETA-This is on a completely stock install.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to the variable underflow.

My craft involved a cubic octagonal strut with two radiators (the first, most basic cooling part) attached to it.

Boom the moment physics start, not even touching anything, just the craft sitting on the runway.

The cubic octagonal struts have exploded due to overheating...

(the strut went between a Nuke and a LF fuselage. But the nuke didn't even start!)

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The heat physics is rather buggy at the moment, something Squad may have overlooked.

Yeah I had vehicles explode directly after physics kicked in on the launch pad. Pressed F3: part xyz overheated.

Placed that part somewhere else: no problems.

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I have that setup on 2 of my SSTOs but didn't explode when on x4 timewarp, however i don't timewarp during heavy FX and on air drag, i only do it during sub-orbital 30km+

Second thing you can do is check Max Physics Delta Time in option setting, reduce it to 0.3 for more physics calculation stability inexchange of slight slower gameplay time, i think that's the case.

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Try attach radiator panel to MK2 drone core you won't need time warp to kaboom ;)

It absolutely does explode with any # of radiators attached. This is for sure a bug, not an actual overheat.

Just wondering, does it not overheat on regular time?

No, not even close - nothing is generating heat, not even enough for heat bars to show.

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Just want to mention I have the same issue. MK2 cargo bay - some structural parts, probe, science instruments, some ox-stat panels inside. The idea was to open the cargo bay to expose the panels when in space. Blows up from heating with 2x physics warp.

Reducing the number of panels helped a bit, but still heats up quite a lot. Makes no matter if bay is open or closed.

At normal speed heat won't build up, but the parts inside retain heat for much longer than the rest of the craft (after burning in the atmosphere for example).

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