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L.A.S + fairings breaking time warp + orbit



So, I managed to get a bug (which I've called 'Phantom Land Kraken') where the orbit line for your active vessel is removed (the icon for your ship is still there) and you can't time warp because the game thinks that your vessel is moving over terrain (hence the name), despite the fact you're tens of KM above the surface.

Mods installed: KAS/KIS; Kopernicus Tech (no planet packs); Kerbal Alarm Clock; Kerbal Joint Reinforcement.

Here are screen shots of the effects:

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The cause of the bug is ejecting the Launch Abort System part, which a fairing is set around. This breaks the fairing, and this might be what causes the time warp bug. I'm not sure why it would cause the orbit line to break, though. This is solved by having the fairings deploy before or simultaneous to the LAS firing.

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