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To The Mun And Back...A Rocket's Tale.


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Your mission young hobbits, is to get the spacecraft into Mun's orbit. After that, you will EVA to the rover and land on the surface, leaving the command pod in orbit. After you have landed you will then need to meet back up with the orbiting craft and EVA back into the command pod. You can now go back to Kerbal.


1. Get into Mun orbit.

2. Take rover to surface, leaving command pod behind.

3. Get back to command pod and return to Kerbal.

The contest is judged by how long it took you to get back to the surface of Kerbal after completing your task.

Here is the spacecraft:


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Would something like Apollo's 15-17 be ok? So, having a rover on a landing module, get out of the landing module, deploy the rover, get in the rover, drive around, get back into the lander module and return to the orbiter?

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