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[1.0.5] RSS Planets & Moons expanded v0.12.0 Sedna is finally here!


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This is a expansion pack for Real Solar System (RSS) that adds 36 new bodies ingame.


Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Ida and Dactyl, Lutetia, Metis, Adrastea, Amalthea, Pan, Daphnis, Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Oberon, Titania, Charon, Comet 67P (Rosetta), Chariklo, Comet Halley, Sedna, Makemake, Orcus and Vanth, Proteus, Hyperion, Phoebe, Pandora, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Janus, Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra

Pluto (added New horizon texture), Saturn (High resolution), Uranus (More realistic color + rings), Neptune (rings)


It is totally compatible with Pingopete's RVE and Realism Overhaul. It works without crashing, using the OpenGL fix and with many mods.

(4K RSS textures, KW rocketery, AIES aerospace, DMagicOrbitalScience, Laztek SpaceX LR, RemoteTech, Planetshine, Distant objects enhancement and many more.)


Download at Curse

Version 0.12.0 (Compatible with RSS v10.4.1)

Normal version

PLEASE READ : You HAVE to install RSS 10.4.1 and delete the Kopernicus cache BEFORE you try this mod. You only have to do it once.

If you don't like body X, then delete : X.cfg in RSS expansion folder. Also delete XColor, XNormal, XHeight in RSS Ex-textures folder.



A lite version is available. The link is on Kerbalstuff, under the ''Changelog'' tab. It weights 29mb instead of 54mb.

If your RSS/RO installation is on the brink of disaster, you should consider downloading the lite version.


UPDATE 0.12.0 2016/01/27

- Added Sedna

- Solved Titania from not appearing ingame

- Updated to Kopernicus 0.6.3


UPDATE 0.11.0 2015/12/17

- Added Phoebe

- Added Pandora, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Janus

- Added Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra

- Added Contracts for RP-0

- Changed Proteus heightmap for a real one

- Removed Uranus rings (Can't stop rings from rotating)




Version History


UPDATE 2015/07/17

Vesta. This dwarf planet of 525 km in diameter has a surface area roughly the same as Venezuela. It was visited by the Dawn probe in 2011.

UPDATE 2015/07/18

Ceres is now out! It's made from pictures taken by the Dawn probe.

UPDATE 0.2.1 2015/07/18 #2

Solved timewarp bug

- Planets other than the SOI you are in are still getting out of their orbits when timewarping at low altitudes (100 000m). It is solved as soon as the spacecraft goes above 100 000m.

UPDATE 0.2.2 2015/07/19

Ceres and Vesta orbital characteristics now match their real world counterparts


UPDATE 0.3.0 2015/07/20

Added Ida, a small asteroid with an even smaller moon (not yet implemented)

UPDATE 0.4.0 2015/07/23

Added Ida's moon Dactyl. Escape velocity is 0.9m/s....Yes your read right. Diameter of 1.4km.

Added (2) Pallas, the second largest asteroid in the solar system. It has a proper inclination of 33 degrees. Such an inclination made impossible for Dawn to make a flyby of this asteroid.

Added Pan, the second closest moon of Saturn. It orbits inside Saturn's ring. (I had to cheat for this one. I changed a little bit its semi major axis so it orbits where it should)

UPDATE 0.4.1 2015/07/26

- Changed Saturn's texture

- Changed saturn's ring diameter to be more realistic

- Changed Pan semi-major axis to a more realistic value.

- Updated the orbital elements of all asteroids with more accurate values

- Added RVE compatibility

UPDATE 0.5.0 2015/07/29

- Added Juno (3rd discovered asteroid), Adrastea (Jupiter's moon) and Daphnis (Saturn's moon)

- Updated heightmaps so bodies surface are not pixelated anymore.

UPDATE 0.5.1 2015/07/29

- Changed Pluto's texture

UPDATE 0.5.2 2015/07/30

- Compatibility with RSS 10.2

- Tweaked Ida's PQS draw distance and detail distance.

UPDATE 0.5.3 2015/08/03

- Added Charon with New Horizon's map

- Daphnis and Adrastea are not spiky anymore

- Added color to Pluto and Charon

UPDATE 0.6.0 2015/08/05

- Added Titania

- Added heightmaps to Pluto, Charon and Titania.

- Resized Pluto to a 4k map instead of a 8k. PM me if you want the 8k version.

- Added rings to Uranus



UPDATE 0.7.0 2015/08/09

- Added Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel and Oberon

- Changed Uranus texture to make it look more like this : True color Uranus

- Added faint rings to Neptune

UPDATE 0.8.0 2015/08/15

- Changed Vesta Heightmap

- Changed Ida Heightmap

- Changed Pluto texture

- Added Orcus, Vanth, Makemake, Lutetia, Amalthea and 67P/C-G the Rosetta comet!

- Added science values based on difficulty

- Added a biome to Metis

- Lowered Normalmaps size (lowers ram usage)


UPDATE 0.8.1 2015/08/18

- Updated most moons orbital elements so they match real world values

- Added biomes to : Pluto, Charon, Ceres, Vesta, Adrastea, Amalthea, Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Miranda, Pallas and Umbriel

- Changed texture format to DDS. Saved 18mb.


UPDATE 0.9.0 2015/11/02

- Major overhaul of config files (Credits to regex)

- Added biome to Titania

- Added heightmap to Iapetus

- Added Chariklo and its rings

- Added Comet Halley

- Added config for comet tails for 67P and Halley. (It still does not work ingame)


UPDATE 0.10.0 2015/11/04

- Working comet tails for Halley and 67P

- Fixed wrong Uranus and Saturn texture appearing

- Added normal map to Charon

- Fixed typo in Charon biome (Thanks to Sigma88)

- Modified Titania heightmap

- Updated some science values

- Added Hyperion and Proteus




Issue(s) :

Saturn rings are inverted for some reason...

Uranus and Neptune rings rotate when they shouldn't.




Plan :

BiomesAsteroid belt objects

All of jupiter's moons.

All of saturn's moon

Close earth objects (maybe)

Suggestions and bug reports are welcome!

Credits :


Space Engine



John Van Vliet

Wm. Robert Johnston



MrHappyFace for his awesome mod KopernicusExpansion


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


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pozine, do you use a spherical model of Vesta now? On photos from Dawn it seems more irregular.

It's A spherical model with some tweaks to make it irregular. Vesta isn't that regular. I will look after it thist evening. vesta_marcia.jpg


- - - Updated - - -

I will try to make it look like the real one the best I can :P

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Bug discovery : Isn't possible to land on Vesta. Fix already found

- - - Updated - - -

Nice! I love ceres! I'll make a dawn probe with an ion engine! This is very good thanks for making it:D

Thank you! If you have any request or recommendations, tell me please!

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I think Vesta should be more unspherical. Methys looks just pretty good :)

Yes and I totally agree. Augustus told me what parameter to play with in order to make a body oblate. To be continued...

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I think the minimum radius for Kopernicus bodies is 800 meters...not sure

EDIT : It's 1m. Thanks Augustus

- - - Updated - - -

Maybe (243) Ida and it's moon Dactyl than?

Next body will be 243 Ida and Dactyl. Then it will be Pallas

The one you are talking about Kaboom has and 0.5 eccentricity. It would be REALLY hard to get there.

Edited by pozine
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I think the minimum radius for Kopernicus bodies is 800 meters...not sure

EDIT : It's 1m. Thanks Augustus

- - - Updated - - -

Next body will be 243 Ida and Dactyl. Then it will be Pallas

The one you are talking about Kaboom has and 0.5 eccentricity. It would be REALLY hard to get there.

I really met Ida. Thanks.
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