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[1.0.4] Scott Manley Head Pack!


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I'm terrified....what has been seen....can never ever ever be unseen....not even by the blinding light of a million supernova reflecting off of Mr. Manely's glorious head can bleach my eyes of this.

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In an act of blatant plagiarism I'll rip off someone's reaction to another mod to a different game:

"people are starving to death in this world... and somebody had time for this....."

What was this game? And what was this mod? I'm interested :D

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I just found this mod and LOL. SO disturbing. Why, why did you make this?! I was expecting a Scott Manley Kerbal look alike skin, this is just creepy! I want to know Scott Manley's reaction to this mod.

He already posted it

Of course it's legit.

is it wise? that's the real question.

Umm I would anticipate this mod being featured on his channel within the week. If not tomorrow.

Nope, I have too many young viewers.

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