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Space shuttles/ Burans/ inspired vehicles! (show them off here)


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I finally got all the kinks out of my stock shuttle replica; the Space Shuttle Kourageous. Ready for general release.

Download here:

http://wikisend.com/download/247446/Shuttle Kourageous.craft


It flies really well (for a shuttle) throughout the entire mission. You can even launch it without ever using RCS if you're careful. Comes with docking adapter and "skylab" style payload, which really should be deployed before attempting deorbit/ landing. Plenty of DV for LKO ops and payload capacity.


- SME Ignition

- SRB Ignition

- Launch clamp release

- SRB Jettison

- Tank Jettison/ OMS engage

Action groups:

1) toggle doors/ lights/ radiators

2) toggle solar panels

104 parts and costs $115,000 on the pad.

Procedures.... make up your own. That's the fun of shuttles :D



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I've got something of a vendetta against side-mounted shuttles. I've built a couple so far, all of which work with the center of mass in line with the center of thrust. The Lepton flew during the souposphere, and had the tank mounted on the nose. The Muon was more of a rocket plane, and had big booster rockets strapped to the side.

My latest attempt is the Fermion, which is based on the Starclipper. It does have some design elements from both of my previous two attempts, as well as some borrowed elements from the fine folks of the forums.

Javascript is disabled. View full album

This design is still a work in progress, though. The ascent and descent paths need some hammering out, and I really want to expand the cargo bay. For the things I'm building in space these days, one orange tank isn't really gonna cut it.

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This shuttle I built has but one booster and no off centered engines. Two large cargo bays and space for 16 passengers allows me to bring whatever I need to fulfill most orbital station/ground base contracts. Pitch on ascent is controlled by throttling the engine on the booster.

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Li'l guy I made a while back. I don't have a ton of good photos, but the photos I have are certainly alright. Could make it to low Kerbin orbit if piloted correctly, with fuel left for correcting rendezvous errors and deorbiting.




That last photo is my favorite, something about the angle and, of course, the washed out filter.

I wanted to make the shuttle small, test an asymmetric design, and have the outer fuel tank form around the shuttle itself. The result wasn't perfect, I still could have worked out the fuel tanks on the sides, but it worked well enough. Enjoy!

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