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1.25m Minmus base (only MechJeb used i believe, maybe other things... looks pretty vanilla to me)

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Today, we stand on Minmus. The farthest moon of Kerban. Some say it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream, I can prove them wrong. There are no chocolate chips on Minmus. Here on the dwarf moon, things are silent. No birds chirping, no kerbals rambling on about "MORE BOOSTERS!" well.. okay maybe a few. But we are here to prove that this moon is not a dead husk of a rock like you think it is. Today, something was born here. Something that you cannot see or describe, nor I. It is a force that will live and grow here, and will die here. And it's the only thing that can live and thrive throughout the cold, clammy confines of space. That force is love, and simply the essence of it being here is enough to prove, that with this "love" even the most desolate, polluted wastelands can become a safe haven for a closely knit community of Kerbals, Jebediah Kerman, Plants, Amoebas, whatever you want. Today, we are here to prove that Minmus is beautiful, and I think we've done just that.


"I can see the KSC from here!"

-Newbas Kerman

So far, the base is not complete, only having two landers and two hab modules. Right now you are seeing the crew of the base. I'll keep you guys updated as the kerbals go about their business and I add more modules.

This thing is only made of 1.25m parts mind you, so no lander cans 4 u!

i'll put down the .craft files once it's all done. :D

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