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KSP Puns


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What did Jeb score in his piloting exam?

B minmus.

What did Bob get his girlfriend for their anniversary?

A big jool.

Who at KSC works out the cost of the rockets?


Bill: Whose is that silver thing in the sky?

Jeb: It's Mun.

How does a kerbal make a chess set?

On a laythe.

What does a kerbal put on his kitchen walls?


What's the most villainous journey you can take in the kerbolar system?


There are parasites on Jool's outermost moon but I can't say any more because discussion of Pol ticks is banned on the forum.

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What's the kraken's favorite toy to play with?

A Bop-it

Bob: "Jeb, how do we know if Minmus really tastes like ice cream?

Jeb: "Taste it, it's a sherbet way to find out."

Why was Bill embarrassed to look at the dwarf planet?

Because it was getting DRESsed

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When I accidentally quickloaded to a quicksave from before I researched the stuff to make the ship whose explosion caused my to quick load and I lost several hours worth of work, I got pretty mad. In fact, you could even say I went...Kerballistic...at what had happened.

*Kerby Jackson appears* That sounds like something must've smelled...Kerfishy.

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