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Proton-K and ISS Zarya module

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I've started trying to recreate the ISS in KSP following the actual construction missions as closely as possible. So to get things started, I needed a Proton rocket replica with Zarya.

Download complete Zarya module with Proton-K launcher: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/4309


Download the Proton-K as subassembly: http://kerbalx.com/Naito/Proton-K


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Dang it Naito! Please keep this modded (no offence but I have a *mostly* stock one going on)

LOL!! Link???? I wanna see!!

I'm personally flying it with Infernal Robotics and RemoteTech, just thought I'd make the stock version available to make it more easily accessible.

edit: dang I just found it, sorry I don't visit the builder's forum much! Link is here if anyone is interested:


I was wanting to do exactly that! I even have a Unity module built and launched on my Shuttle, just haven't had time to actually put it all together yet. We should collaborate =D


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