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[1.0.4] Race Kerbol 1.2.2 - Island Hop

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Race Kerbol (the sun) in a series of scenarios from start to finish while trying to keep as close to the ground as possible to get a higher score! Your craft is solar powered, so make sure to keep your panels exposed to the sun as much as possible.

Includes a plugin that counts your score, a few custom parts that use no new models and a number of scenarios to race in.

How scoring works: Gain score by keeping the craft's antigravity repulsors on the ground. You get a bonus for traveling on steep slopes so try to catch some ground time on those hills and mountains but avoid crashing into them!



Or install via CKAN and have dependencies resolved automatically!


1.2.2 (16th of August 2015)

  • Various tweaks to increase safety. Craft is a bit harder to crash and less bouncy.
  • Made repulsors physicsless.
  • Significantly increased default spring strength to compensate for KF's reduced antigrav height.
  • Moved repulsors down a bit to give a little bit of extra height. Updated scenarios with new Solar Racer craft.
  • Repulsor power usage should be roughly back up to previous levels (was significantly down in v1.2.1)

1.2.1 (15th of August 2015)

  • Update scenarios, solar racer craft and repulsor for compatibility with the new Kerbal Foundries.

1.2 (14th of August 2015)

  • Added a new scenario: Race Kerbol 03 - Island Hop
  • LandDistance plugin is now RaceKerbol - Please delete your previous RaceKerbol folder from GameData!
  • New toolbar icon
  • Now measures distance traveled on the ground as Score.
  • You get a bonus for traveling on steep slopes. The steeper the slope, the greater the bonus for traveling over it.

1.1 (9th of August 2015)

  • Added a new scenario: Desert Pass
  • Fixed a bug where Land Distance would calculate distance incorrectly when not traveling along the equator.

1.0 (9th of August 2015)

  • Initial release with the first scenario, Westbound



This addon is inspired by the game Race the Sun. After playing it, I started mucking around with building a little plane that vaguely looked like it and stuck antigravity repulsors from Kerbal Foundries on it. After trying it out racing across the ground and having quite a lot of fun with that, I figured maybe this could be made into an interesting challenge. The original version used small electric ducted fan engines from RoverDude's excellent Exploration Pack, but I wanted something more high-tech looking. One thing led to another and now the addon has a custom rescaled and welded high-tech engine for the racer, a plugin which tracks how far you've traveled across the ground and a few scenarios which set you off to a flying start!


  • Fine tune the scoring system and come up with a final score calculation for scenarios that values checkpoints and speed.
  • Fine tune the Solar Racer craft and its power balance.
  • More scenarios!

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Now on CKAN!
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