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We have one day to try to save my astronauts!



Hey guys-

Just bought the game - obviously I suck and am newb.

I've got some astronauts stranded. I've got a ship pretty close-by. It MIGHT have enough delta-v to intercept and then return to Kerbal. Only problem, I forgot (DOH!) to include a hatch, so my stranded astronauts are going to have to EVA over.

Here are some screenshots of my situation. I would appreciate your help and advice!

Most importantly, once I get close, what - exactly - am I supposed to do? There's still going to be a slight gap even after I execute this next maneuver.









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That Mk2 cockpit you have includes a hatch already.

Once you get close, switch over to the stranded kerbal by pressing ] or [. Then you can EVA over like normal (pressing 'R' to activate the jetpack) and get close to the hatch. Hopefully you've EVA'd before. If not, let us know and plan on keeping a quicksave or two as you get some practice.

Good luck!


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not sure if i fully understood, so just in case.. don't forget to kill the relative speed to the target or it will just zoom right by you. once you selected the target in the map screen you can click the speed indicator above the navball and it will show you either orbital speed/surface speed/target speed. set it to target speed, get as close as possible to the target (<50km) and then burn towards one of the yellow markers on the navball to reduce your relative speed to 0 m/s. then point straight to the target and preform a small burn, keep the yellow and purple marker alligned and you'll be flying right at it.

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